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3canal kicked off their 2011 Carnival Season in true Cut + Clear fashion

I don’t know how they find these nice, intimate venues with a rustic (yet cozy) atmosphere, but we found ourselves back in Woodbook (see last year coverage)... this year on Murray Street, for the launch of 3canal’s 2011 carnival season.

With cutters and an open bar (for media) on hand, we chill-laxed and socialized until it was showtime. Around 9:45pm, 3canal’s Wendell Manwarren welcomed everyone, letting us know that 3canal say “2011 is REevolution Time. Everything must change. Everything in a timing ...”

‘ReEvolution Time’ is the title for their album, which “Run De Riddem” and “I AM” are my two favourites thus far on this great 9 song CD. And the launch of their spanking new music video “Run The Riddem/ IAM”, which showcased the vibrations and energy on The Avenue, may have a factor to play with my biasness towards these tracks.

Before introducing guest band Gyazette to open the show, Manwarren informed everyone that the 3canal show, ReEvolution Time - Here comes the MLF, will be returning to the ‘ReEvoltuionized’ Little Carib Theatre and expressed the group’s excitement. What’s MLF you’re thinking? MLF is the “Music Liberation Front” and is a vehicle and a platform for the promotion and proliferation of our indigenous musical expression, irrespective of genre, labeling or categorization. We deem Music to be fundamental to the expression of who we are and what we may be and recognize it for the dynamic life affirming force and true living vibration that it inherently is.

We then jammed to both the new and classic 3canal music as the band had folks wining to the ground, bending over backwards and throwing their hands in the air for their 45 minute performance.

Big, big respect to 3canal and the entire Cut + Clear family on celebrating 15 years of Makin a Statement. ReEvolution Time!!

For more information on 3Canal or the MLF, please log on to www.3canal.com or visit their fan page on Facebook.

I AM Carnival,
Chooks aka Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref ... now ReEvolutionized to The Carnival Jumbie

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>> View 3Canal ReEvolution Media Launch Gallery
>> View Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2011 Coverage