5 Minutes With Doug E. FreshI just finished talking with Lil Jon (see 5 Minutes With) out front Barbados Int'l Airport and decided to head to the gate so I don't miss my flight home. It wouldn't be the 1st time, but we cannot afford to get stuck in BIM for another day … people to do, things to see (lol … sleep on it). Sitting quietly by the gate waiting for 1st class passengers to be called is the one and only, "The Human Beat Box" Doug E. Fresh! You know, early hip-hop classics like "The Show" and "La Di Da Di". Then onto Soca hits like "We Not Giving Up" with Machel. The man is seriously talented!! And did you know Doug E. was born in Barbados? And one of his parents is actually from Trinidad & Tobago? Yeah man, he's definitely not new to this Carnival ting … so let's put Doug E. on the hot TJJ hot seat… 5 Minutes, 5 Minutes … 5 Minutes, Doug E. Fresh you're on!

Dre: Let's dive straight into this … Doug E. what do you have in your pockets?
Doug E. Fresh: MONEY!!
Dre: Geeze an ages, we ent able, yes! All these ballers only got paper in their pockets.

Dre: What's your favourite Caribbean dish?
Doug E. Fresh: Honestly, I'll have to say … In Barbados, it's Fish Cakes. In Trinidad, it's Doubles. And in Jamaica, it's Ackee & Saltfish
Dre: Wow, obviously the man has been to all the islands, so he knows what time it is! (he laughs)

Dre: Favourite Caribbean island?
Doug E. Fresh: All of them are unique in their own way, but I'll have to say … it's a tug-o-war between Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.

Dre: So since it's a battle between Trinidad and Jamaica, what's your preference musically … Soca or Reggae?
Doug E. Fresh: Musically, Soca is the father of Reggae in my opinion. And if I had to pick which one I like more than the other, it's hard to do that … because it's a time thing. When it's time for a party, Soca hands down! And when it's time for just a vibe thing, definitely Reggae has it!

Dre: Who has the most beautiful women in the world?
Doug E. Fresh: I'll have to say Trinidad
Dre: You see that? Doug E. Fresh knows what time it is!! (he's cracking up). Go TnT!!

Dre: I'm pretty sure we already know the answer, but we'll ask anyway. #1 Carnival in the world?
Doug E. Fresh: (with zero hesitation) Trinidad. And then after they always want to rate Caribana (Toronto), or they say Brazil, or some other place. They even say Eastern Parkway (NY Labor Day), which is thick … BUT there's NO CARNIVAL like TRINIDAD!!
Dre: TJJ agrees with you … 100%!!

Dre: Secret Weapon?
Doug E. Fresh: (pause) My secret weapon?
Dre: Yes
Doug E. Fresh: In life or just on stage?
Dre: Period, as a person.
Doug E. Fresh: I'll have to say MY MIND!
(American Airlines 1641 with nonstop service to Miami paging 1st class passengers)

Dre: Okay, last question. One word to describe Doug E. Fresh?
Doug E. Fresh: FRESH (he starts to chuckle)
Dre: F-R-E-S-H

Aye Aye Aye … on that note …. we running!! We'll catch Doug E. for Trinidad Carnival 2009 … and the man say that he's coming with brand new music for us too! So look out!! You heard it 1st …

- Chooks aka Daddy Juice