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De Warm Up Session 2011
By Liz aka Posh Juice
Published on 19-Feb-11
Right now London just Wotless!!! Tonight's crowd came on a mission... Trinidad carnival is around the corner and the patrons come out to get on bad!!! Peeps were walking through the door wining!!! There were some very lovely Ladies in the ...

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Right now London just Wotless!!!
Tonight's crowd came on a mission... Trinidad carnival is around the corner and the patrons come out to get on bad!!! Peeps were walking through the door wining!!! There were some very lovely Ladies in the dance, in their hot little mini dresses..( we clearly didn't get that memo!!!) Eye candy for the girls...hmmmm...not quite as good but all in all a hot and wild crowd came out tonight... Those gearing up for Trinidad were definitely warmed up and those staying behind made sure they got as much jamishness out of tonight as possible!

Agenda is not a TJJ favourite although, it's not all bad...clean and spacious and parking is never too difficult, but... something about the L shape design tends to split up the crowd and make it a little more difficult to mingle. Most of all though, the sound system is in serious need of some help... dodgy speakers left more than a few of us with permanent hearing impairments!!! lol.. talk to them DJs!!

Well boy, what didn't we see tonight?.. here is the official Warm up session Highlight reel League table...LOL
In 9th place...2 ladies and at least 4 gents were in need of some anger management counselling following too much red wine!!!
In 8th place...the young lady who hold onto the bar like it was a man.. hug and everything and wine all over it for the whole night!!!
In 7th place...There was a red wine and champagne shower at one end of the party...careful those of you in white!!!
In 6th place...Ladies with your hands in the air whole night regardless of armpit hair situation !! As much as it's entertaining Ladies, word to the wise... please shave, wax etc if you wearing something sleeveless!!!
In 5th place.. the young Lady who was clearly displaying the H&M price label hanging from her dress, maybe she's planning on taking it back tomorrow??
In 4th place...we saw you, yes you... hugging up and wining on the speakers!!!
In 3rd place.. the man that run from one end of the fete to the other, whilst doing the 'Iwer' complete glee!!!
In 2nd place...someone walk and wine around the whole party complete with a large chunk of chocolate cake!
But no questions asked....Tonight's man in white who divided the dance floor by dropping to the splits and doing the dutty wine one time in some very tight pants! We even had to ask for a replay!!!
Most of all we have to say what a huge relief it was to hear sooo much 2011 music, I mean we get everything.... some Kes, some Swappi, some Machel, a Little Fay Ann, Lil Rick... all new tunes guaranteed to get you in the mood!!!

Usually there is a full menu of food at a Busspepper... tonight just doubles, but doubles that were being enjoyed in abundance!!! Who had time to eat anyway??? We wotless... LOL
Drinks were flowing and one thing we do like about Agenda is the very long bar in the main part and a smaller bar in the back which meant even with the huge numbers that came out tonight you never had to queue for long...Be prepared to pay 'City prices' for your spirits though!!!

Ok so we kind of in two minds here... Firstly Busspepper service is always on point, they organised and get things done! However, even though you may have been warned to get there early ...Minutes after just 10pm there was a queue of at least 100 deep and we hear some people queued for an over an hour!!!

£15 on the guest list and sold out well in advance! Make sure you get in early especially for this particular fete in the future to even get a spot!!! The cost, although relatively high is pretty much standard for anywhere in London on  a saturday night and for tonight's entertainment factor, well worth it!!!

-Posh Juice

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