Photo: Two beautiful fete attendees

P.O.S. Trinidad – The recent annual, all inclusive soiree ‘Fete with the Saints’ evoked a spirit of supreme festivity on the grounds of Saint Mary’s College, more popularly known as CIC (College of the Immaculate Conception).

The prestigious college which has produced some of the country’s most notable citizens such as Sir Solomon Hochoy, former President Sir Ellis Clarke and, Archbishop Anthony Pantin provided an A-class atmosphere for government officials, businessmen, media personalities and fete enthusiasts to converge and party to the sweet sounds of Soca.

Fete with the Saints offered a prime spread which consisted of Arabic, Creole, East Indian and Grilled delicacies. Although patrons seemed to have had major cravings for the barbequed ribs and grilled fish as evidenced by the long lines at that particular food stall, attendees were seen at several points of the venue sampling various dishes.

Photo: Actress Zo-Mari Tanker (Left) with her mother Christine Tanker (wife of famed musician Andre Tanker)

The amazing assortment of food options was complemented by the premium supply of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which was accentuated by top notch bar service.

The sharply-dressed ‘Fete with the Saints’ attendees truly embraced the event’s ambience, amenities and entertainment which featured popular Chutney-Soca crossover band Dil-E-Nadan which moved the crowd with numerous up-tempo, groovy Soca and Chutney numbers as well as the famous Roy Cape All Stars featuring Olatunji, Rita Jones and the always excitable Blaxx who had the masses dancing merrily to the jazz version of his hit “Tusty”. The Roy Cape set also featured guest artiste Benjai who had the crowd eating out of his hands with the infectious “Wine to the Side” and “Ah Trini”.

Photo: Dil-E-Nadan frontline singers Raymond Ramnarine and Dr. Seales entertaining at Fete with the Saints 2011

Even with incredible line-up of celebrated Soca stars, the night belonged to St. Mary’s alumnus Kees Dieffenthaller of Kes the Band who had everyone in attendance jumping and waving to his hit tunes “Wotless”, “Ah Ting”, “Right Dey” and “Thunder”. Dieffenthaller showed his knowledge of retro Soca by doing renditions of classic David Rudder and Black Stalin songs much to the delight of the ‘Fete with the Saints’ audience.

It was clear that Fete with the Saints 2011 was a success and was enjoyed by all in attendance as party goers left feeling content and enthusiastically anticipated next year’s edition.