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Located at Supreme Marine in the wear house area of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Phe Duyet was the 'IT' party to be on Saturday night! As you pulled up there were colorful lights shining out of this big outside venue, along with music to be heard from miles. Not only was this a new location but it stepped up its game in terms of space.

Supreme Marine was huge and made the rather large crowd almost look like there wasn't enough people. The only downfall was that everybody was crammed into one section of the place rather than spreading out therefore it looked like there was more room left over than necessary.

Great Music, Lots of people but not nuff dancing going on until the end so the vibe was rather stiff.

The ladies that were hosting and serving the bottles were very helpful, fun and seemed to be having a great night!

20 to get in as an average price for an event in South Florida it held up its end of having a good night!

Biggup to the Hosts of the Evening p Shelf Events, RT Group and Yohance for putting on a good event along with the DJ's who played Richie D, Dutty Dex, Eccentrix & Trendsetta.

COOP® aka Eyes aka Giggly Juice

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