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Its one day before Valentine’s Day, so it was only fitting for Fuad Khan & Friends 2011 Premium All Inclusive fete to be themed "Hott Valentine’s Nights ... Love Never Dies".  Now besides Karma, this year’s flyer did not list which bands were going to providing the live entertainment, so we were eager to see who we would be jammin’ to on this lovely Sunday evening in sweet Trinidad. 
Greeted at the entrance by traditional mas characters (Moko jumbies, Midnight robber etc.) with the sounds of live tassa jamming was a nice touch, but making things even sweeter, were the 10 sexy angels lining the walkway making patrons feel like they were truly in heaven (well most certainly , love heaven for the very least). But it wasn’t until we saw a line of police cars with flashing lights pulling up to Pier 1 that we wondered if it was the Prime Minster or President (or both) arriving. In comes his excellency Professor George Maxwell Richards. The party now start!

On arrival, parking was a breeze at Pier 2’s car park. Most of the Valentine’s décor was emphasized at Pier 1’s entrance.  On top of the 10 angels, who floated around the venue once the majority of patrons were inside, there were lots of HOTT Valentine’s theme girls adding to the event’s ambiance, and the trademark Chippendale's made their return.

Like last year, this was our our 1st time seeing Imij & Co. for the season. But this year, Imij took to the stage 1st, with Michelle Xavier having to get to Arima in time to compete in the Soca Monarch Semi Finals with her 2011 hit “Feting for Days”. Joining Michelle, Russell & Ricardo on stage was original Second Imij member, Ghetto Flex.

In between bands, Howie T "The Hitman" kept the music pumping and a belly dancing act was part of the evening’s entertainment, before the big crossover band Karma hit the stage. With drinks in hand, the Pier 1 crowd thoroughly enjoyed Ravi B., Nisha B. and Gregory’s set, especially the chutney and dance/techno segments.

2011 Chutney Soca Monarch finalist Soca Elvis was the last of the live performances before the tassa section struck up again to close out the party.

This might actually be one of the few all inclusive were I sit down and enjoy a full plate of food poolside, enjoying the ocean view. I feasted on some superb Indian cuisine … that curry goat and mango! Yummy!! Creole, Chinese, Wraps, Doubles, Corn Soup, Bake and Shark and more was also served.  On top of your regular stock of premium drinks, the martini and blended drink stations were a huge hit.

Folks were warned about the possibility of falling in love at this event, and although cupid didn’t hit the bull eye’s with everyone,  Fuad & Friends maintained that warm, loving family environment we spoke of last year. Everyone wined and dined from walking in up to the point of exiting (lots with doubles in hand) the fete. It was service with a smile... just how we love it.

If we are right, the price tag actually dropped this year by fifty dollars to $650.00TT while food, drinks and entertainment sustained. And with Net proceeds going to the Children Life Fund, that’s a good cause to come out and fete!

This fete is definitely growing in size, and as long as the all inclusive quality is maintained, along with booking of the season’s top bands, it will only get bigger and better!

Happy Valentine’s Day Gentle Peoples!!

You know ah cyah come when ah drinking liquor,
Chooks aka Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Jumbie

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