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DCAL, the official warm-up for trini carnival here in Toronto was sold to capacity for the 16th year since its inception. The lines which stretched all the way from Kool Haus, around the building and to the next street were the longest I had ever seen, especially for an event held during the middle of Winter .You know it can only be a Dr. Jay event when you see soooo many people braving the elements.

All this cold weather had everyone tusty for some new soca tunes and ready to get on wotless!

Dirty Dez, Marxman, Eman from KOS and Dr, Jay de Soca Prince alongside some of Toronto’s best Deejay’s made sure we were all takin’ advantage of Kool Haus. Another first for me this year was the increase in the number of t-shirts with soca slogans including iWotless, iTusty,I Get on Bad and Take A Whine on a Town Ting just to name a few. The pictures will give you a taste but make sure you’re at the next fete so you can see them all or better yet, make sure yuh have yuh own!

For everyone goin’ to Trini Carnival 2011 make sure you have a rel good time for the rest of us who only got a tease. Hurry and come back and make sure you bring back some sunshine.  I don’t know about everyone else but all I know is Empress Esi is now ready for Return fete!

Til’ the next time you catch me and my camera, Blessings to everyone!

Empress Esi

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>> View DCAL-Doh Cry Ah Leavin' XVI Gallery