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Who put that rake dey!? Who Put That &^%$ing rake dey!!!!???
That is to tell you what time we left Misty Ridge 7! ... Last ...
Just landed in the "Wotless" island of Trinidad for the carnival season and well it is beyond my expectations tonight!

The dance was extremely well packed ... according to the guru ... comfortably ram ... was not mashing anybody foot, and vice versa, not rubbing on other people's sweat and even when people are passing through the crowd they say "excuse me" or my favourite ..."Lemme Geh Ah Pass Dey Soldier!!!" ... 2D!!!! The astronmical gorgeousness I witness tonight was the best way to water my eye as I soon as I came off the plane! Red Gyal, Black Gyal, Spanish Gyal, White Gyal ... The Whole Place Nice!!! (there were some others). I must put a special shout out here for the Dasani crew at Misty Ridge Tonight ... Love Allyuh Bad!
We are partying in the Ranch! Santa Cruz ... without fail - Sexy Venue! Starting from the top ... literally .... the DJs are elevated to see the crowd, then below them the crowd split into two "sections" - dry land and the pool! Downstairs of that is the grass area where people were sampling all the food for their stomachs! Decorations ... I am not a fan ... but hey ... once I could go into a venue, feel breeze, put my hands in the air and not feel a ceiling or sweat dripping from a ceiling, walk around without falling down ... you will get my sexy vote .. I think also the stairs added a sexy touch !!

Allyuh Come to Meh! Come To The Jumbie Band! Aye! From the time I see this party with my eyes ... I cannot continue ... the dance lacked vibes ... It only picked up in the last two hours ... reason? Alcohol Intake Volumes Were Higher after the first five hours .... There was absolutely nothing wrong with the music ... Soca 2011 is HARD ...3D!!! Is just the vibes takes long to build in the Ridge! However, I will gladly and orgasmically report that when the vibes has taken off .. it never landed until Chooks had to clean the fete with the rake! That's right, the dance was tough in the ending! Tough! Any Day! ... Kudos! Who was not there ... you are instructed to stay home next year ... cause you ain't needed next year so that we can have the same fun this year! ... Remember, Scorn endorses Sweat ... Sweaty Boobs and Sweaty Backs .. Go Gyal! Go Gyal! Go Gyal!

7 premium Bars! 7 Hours To Drink! 7 Menus! Food & Drink CYAH DONE! It had enough to feed and wet the throats of the Man From St. Ives Who Had Seven Wives, And Each Wife Had Seven Sacks, And Each Sack Had Seven Cats And Each Cat Had Seven Kittens! Gimmie Gimmie The Drinks!! Any Day!!

Normal Procedures at the door ... have ticket will entry ... name on list .. must enter ... Drinks were served with a smile ... the bar seemed to be "okay" staffed ... reasonably I will say ... There were a few people waiting, but I also saw people go to the bar and get drinks within a matter of two to three minutes .. hey how else can I get my drinks!? Misty Ridge Again!!!! The food stalls were the same ... its a simple process ... have food will serve when food done ... food done!!!!! !!

Not too sure about the cost for this fete ... I will leave it up to the patrons to decide if it was worth it .... would I have paid to go this fete ... Misty Ridge AGAIN!!!!!

-Scorn Juice
..... move yuh waist girl, move yuh waist girl and wine ...

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>> View Misty Ridge 7 Ultra Inclusive Gallery
>> TJJ TV Misty Ridge All Inclusive 2011 Coverage - Seg 1 | Seg 2 | Seg 3
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