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Party was EXCELLENT, my head bad ....thanks to Peter, Stefan, Ian, all the people who kept pouring that man who walks in my cup .... ALLYUH!!!!! Come To Meh! Come To Meh! I have been hearing about this boat ride from my boy Ricardo and my girls Ayana and Julie since last year ... so you know what? I am going on the boat to look for a Jab Jab Girl! Come To Meh! Come To Meh! MOVE! MOVE!

Well I am not sure where to start here ... but we will start with the size of the crowd ... IT WAS RAM! The Boat SELL OFF ... When I say the boat sell off ... it means YES ... we have to line up to get in the party ... we have to push little bit to get on the boat ... "Everybody Will Get In" ... "Allyuh Go So" ... "Allyuh Come Through Here" ... This is the beauty of the first part of a party, the lines, the "drama" to get in .... COME TO MEH! .... Style for days and years beyond the existence of aliens on earth ... When I say I saw all sorts of fashion and all sorts of outfits ... I could open a store and sell the clothes that people were wearing and I will be minted!! I just want to say ... that even though this is my first time on this party ... so new faces for me completely ... I swear everybody was friendly, sexy and just cool and down to earth people ... I tried to capture everybody on the boat (well the females ... cause I try not to take pictures of men ...) but hey ... I think I was successful! Aye Aye Aye! .... By The Way ... There were some head turners on the boat ride ... hmph .. !!!!

We On A Boat! ... LOL .. Cannot Describe It Any Other Way ... The treausre queen is not a "glamour" boat ... it is just a piece of metal that happens to float on water and move when the engines are charged up! The bathrooms are horrible .. but then again ... who wants to piss in style when they come to fete .. I DO! ... Anyhow ... the layout of the Treasure Queen is the absolute contract signature ... you see that top deck ... and when you read the next paragraph you will understand ... Silent Morning Again!!!!

I have experienced loads of boat rides on all different types of boats with all different people but I just want to say that Silent Morning HMPH! ... THIS PARTY HAD VIBES .... and you know what ... Silent Morning should be called NOISY MORNING!!! ... Back To Basics, Private Ryan, and D Bandit ... kill it kill it kill it .... helicopter, Soca Again, Batty Wining For Years ... The only people that was standing up were the ones with full drinks, the ones who posing off, the ones who were chatting and the ones with no stamina ... the other 99% ... We Bubbling, Wining, Aye Gyal, Aye Man, Split, Turn Back Way, Drop Pon Your Knees .... Wheeeeeel!!!! Let us jump upstairs on the top deck ... rain falling, who say we not partying in the rain, and we splashing in the puddles! We want the rubberwaist gyal and all the men who could handle the rubberwaist .. because the whole place nice! There were so many cyborgs on the boat because everybody were wining machines ... getting out of hand, trying to think that tomorrow will never come (I knew at times I wish it would never end),  bouncing their bottoms around, moving their waistlines and wining ... totally Dance & Dingo-Lay!!!!! I cannot commend the vibes on this boat ride anymore ... and as a mere fact of principle, I am going to say this ... you deserve a 10 out of 10 ... I mean it .. from a true veteran ... but you see the nonsense that happen ON the boat ... which I am not going to report on ... only people who were there will know about it ... that is where you lost your mark/grade ... SHUCKS!!! However, that did not stop the girls from working up a storm, wining in circles and having men on their knees ... SILENT MORNING AGAIN!!!!

On a side note ... you could tell this party is the absolute black horse .... Once you have men who are "stoosh" and always coming back for a "wake up call" or what I like to call a "no shame get on bad wassy and love yourself " event .... SILENT MORNING AGAIN!!!! YEAH!!!!

It was a pay bar ... however you were allowed to bring your cooler on board the ship ... uhm bar prices ... I DO NOT KNOW ... Big respect to all my peeps who never had my hand empty ... I love you guys to bits! The "ship" also had food .. at reasonable prices and they were being served ... I had to dip in the fish and chips ... it was a GREAT ENERGISER!!!! TOUCH MEH TOES!!!! Hit The Floor!!!!

Now this is a sensitive topic ...
The drama and over acting that took place to get onto the boat ... spoilt it for real people ... the words "foolishness", "this is ridiculous", "rubbish", "jah" ... were being expressed and I have to agree ... There should be an hour or two hours in the next board meeting or in the post mortem for this committee to sort out the entrance on the cruise ... firstly ... my humble advice ... Get Barriers to form a Queue ... Secondly ... get another scanner! .... An Orderly line would have moved smoothly and quickly ... Simplicity!

Well at $300.00 TT or $50.00 USD simple conversion for a ticket just as your boarding pass - I am going to simply say - This By Far Is Absolutely Worth Your Money for the experience!

Peter & Ricardo ... Keep It Up! .... You have reached the sky ... aim for the stars now ... !!!!

-Scorn Juice
.... from the time she look into my eyes .... lets make it back to my ....

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