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Keep your eye on Zanté, this party is quickly going to become one of the must-do events for Trinidad Carnival. The 2011 Got-INK edition had all the trimmings of an upscale event without breaking your wallet. It was more than just successful and only promises to get better.  Big up Pixi, Steve, Wendell and the rest.  TJJ had a great time. We hear they have other events in the works....cant wait!
This event was filled with beautiful people.  A really nice mix of local trinis, expats and vacationers.  The ladies were elegant and gentlemen were well dressed.

The Rooftop of the Tamnak Thai restaurant is simply breath taking at night. A virtual oasis in the middle of POS.  Parking was easy either in the adjacent parking lot or around the Savannah. Plenty security to watch over your car too.

The energy was even more hyped than last year.  We were greeted by gorgeous Zanté hostesses and a glass of Nuvo sparkling vodka liqueur - a little taste of what was to come. Up the steps we were served Sno-cones, an old time favourite with a Zanté twist and condensed milk just the way you like it :-)  There was plenty excitement as people dressed to show off existing tattoos and/or airbrushed some funky temporary design on the body part of their choice.  Party was nice and intimate...and from the get go everyone was jamming and having a good time. The music was on point and Anonymous, Jus Jase and Pvt Ryan made the dance floor sparkle. As if that wasn't enough a brilliant performance by Benjai kept every body wining to the side true Trini style!  Hands of Rhythm and their electrifying drums made it exciting till the very end.

There was no line for food.  Finger licking paratha and dhalpourie with curry chicken/bodi/pumpkin/channa had people heading back for thirds! The dumplings and saltfish, Garlic cassava, Coocoo, Callaloo, Steamed fish, Curry Crab etc etc was mouth watering. And as if that wasn't enough there was entire Roast Pig grilled- tender pork with the tasty crispy skin!!!  It literally had folk sucking their elbows!  Oh yeah and Coldstone Ice Cream too (fuh real). The main bar had premium alcohol period.  Although Johnny Walker Green is a staple at Zanté events, this time they introduced Johnny Walker Double Black, Johnny Walker Gold, a Ketel one Martini bar AND a Nuvo bar! Not to mention the signature drink 'Pixijuice' was flowing all night. A word of caution...go easy on the 'juice', it may taste harmless but it packs a serious punch!

The service at the bar was superb -no waiting.  Whatever your fancy, you just kept hitting the bar to your hearts delight.  Sexy hostesses walked around making sure you were okay and serving up Rum balls?! Wasn't sure what they were at first but lets just say they were yummy. A nice touch. Tjj got nothing but love at this event!

Amazing venue, food fantastic, service superb; what more you want. Zanté ~Got INK was priced at TT$ 450.00 or US$ 75.00. They believe in giving people their money's worth and it showed! This party was so well worth it!

If you missed this event slap yourself now!!!!!!! I'm already counting down the days till Zante 2012.

-Gaza Juice

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>> View Zante Got Ink? Gallery
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