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Remarkably ... Forty-Five years ago, a man and a woman came together and formed the bond of a partnership and they conceived a child ... The child's name was Abracadabra ... Ooops ... Wrong Story!!! *Turns page* .... The week of Carnival - the Tuesday to be exact has been known over the last five years or so for one party ... Eyes Wide Shut ... However, the introduction of AWOL and then two years later ... Fall Out ... has definitely opened my eyes to the possibility of just attending the all inclusive rather than going to see live performances and pay for drinks ... Let me describe my euphoria .. and can I just say ... it was not me alone experiencing this grand taste of pleasure, alcohol, sweat, passion and just down right in my eyes .... the best party I went too for the Carnival 2011 season.

We are partying at the Tracking Station. Yes Folks ... The Bush! That in itself creates a sense of exclusivity as well as intimacy ... especially when you have to park in Pier 2 and you are shuttled up to the venue. Albeit, there was an issue with number of shuttles and sizes of shuttles ... as my very good friend says ... after two drinks, the situation and memory of the shuttle incident will be erased from your memory ... He Did Not Lie! Combined with the fact that the shuttle ride itself, if you are amongst the right people and you are having that deep seeded conversation - it adds to the very intimate night you are about to  have/experience.

Arriving at the venue, with the most gargantuan satellite which was lit up and staring you directly in the eye while you party ... you are greeted by attractive females at the door who will check your ticket and you then strap on the wrist band and blatantly organise yourself to party! No Hassle ... No Set of Rub Down by some ugly security guards ... that don't look like they want to work ... No Drama ... Things Looking Good!!!

First Stop - Food! Being an all inclusive you have three things to do ... 1. Eat; 2. Drink; and 3. Wine Your Waistline Like Never Before. We did all of these and in that very specific order! Amongst the menu tonight was my all time favourite food ... Buss-Up-Shut with Curry Channa and Potato, and Curried Chicken. There was another meal and another menu but I did not partake. All I can say is ... what you asked for .. you got ..."Can you please give me some more skins and some more chicken please" ... "Splat!!" .... As the food hits your plate and with a smile on their face because you have asked politely! Food ... BESSSS!

Time for the alcohol tasting and watering of the throat accompanied by the destruction of your liver! The bar was very well stocked ... along with specialty bars from Patron and Baileys ... You were getting premium drinks and with whatever chaser you can desire. The idea behind the all inclusive is ... the promoters will have the alcohol ... patrons you choose your poison! (Yes Ian ... stole your line)! I never had a problem getting a drink, and from what I saw, there was never a long line, there were no complaints and from what I was seeing ... there were smiles galore! Please Correct me If I am wrong!!

Last but not least ... the final ingredient in an all inclusive ... WINE YUH WAIST!!!! Go GYAL GO GYAL GO!!!! ANY DAY!!! FALL OUT AGAIN!!!! Let me be the first to tell you ... if you are in front of a stage where the DJ is elevated and drinks are flowing and going down on a semi-full to full stomach ... you love soca ... you were going to have a BLAST at Fall Out! To the crew of people in front the stage ... me love you long time ... it was mass abundance of generous winery sharing ... friends and couples and friends of friends ... even come couples to be ... what did I see ... five ways ... three ways ... six ways ... Congo lines ... some elevated two ways almost dry humping like style ... or even girl behind man and just enjoying the moment of holding on to that bamsee that you love! Let us not forget ... HALF PAST SIX!!!!!!!!!! Give 'Em Give 'Em!!! People were wet!! Wet!!!! Who was not wet ... LOSS!!! Now don't be fooled ... the vibe was not there from the start of our entry ... we definitely had to eat, get a couple of drinks, socialise ... Reconnaissance ... Gauge The Scene ... Make sure you spot the bottom you want to grind up on for the night ... Well Then ... your mission is complete ... let me tell you as well ... there was some generous bottoms in the Fall Out! ... GENEROUS!!!

This party does not need a review ... This party does not need accreditation ... This party needs to just stay how it is ... A Comfortably Fashionable Fantastic Crowd, all gathered at a splendid and intimate venue, with DJs on the ones and twos and the fruit books playing music accompanied by the rasta man playing the drums which will then create a vibe that will remarkably have you on your toes and your pores raising, but not after filling up your belly with some great food and service with a smile once you have treated the servers with respect and finally, a bar of proportions that was flowing through the night and as far as we are concerned cannot done!!!! *Breathes In!!!* 

Liverpool ... keep it just as it is ... You have a great thing going on here! Keep It So! Improvements are always better ... but literally ... I, the scornful one, don't see anything to change!

-Scorn Juice
.... sedated and horny after Fall Out ...

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