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Carnival Wednesday, last couple of days before the madness of the greatest show on earth! The real action has already begun and do not expect to sleep before Ash Wednesday, because that is it, it is officialy carnival time ... you should not be tired ... and if you are ... have a vitamin cure cause we in Trinidad, the show must go on.

Tonight, Me, zeeee Camel and Scorn Juice have been sent on a mission ... a loud SOS was heard on the side of Chaguaramas, a strong and powerful SOS, they need us urgently, Emergency call! We hear yuh, doh worry , we are on our way. We moved around 6.00pm as this fete was supposed to take place from 5:00 to midnight! We arrived very early, maybe a little too early for once. Getting in the arena, officially shocked, almost nobody. AHAHAHHAA, believe me, I watched Scorn juice two minutes in the eyes, uh ohhh, what is going on in this fete ???? Where are the people, the women, the bumcees, the ambiance?? Will it buss ?? We were scared, but it is nothing to stop us, because do not forget, before the storm, the calm, always theeee calm ....

Never mind, that gave us the time to check on the venue, a beautiful place based in Chaguaramas Bay, with magnificent sea and boats in the background, and a starry night with a nice breeze.

This fete was an all inclusive, so you already know where to go first, BARS or FOOD, up to you. For my part, I stopped at the food corner, and wooww it was simply delicious, I had those accras, I think I took 4 or 5 plates, mmmmm I can still feel this nice smell into my nose. Congratulations to the chefs!

Ok, break is over, SOS show me please what you have in store, the flyer was saying: SOS The Dutch Inclusive - Always Plenty Vibes! The Only All-Inclusive Dutch In The World. Ah Trini Experience! Believe me, as the minutes passed, it became true, braap braapp !!! amazing, the atmosphere began to heat up once, and finally The Venue was packed! People finally made it. What better way to drop the gears, and get into a higher level to have the intervention of a renowned artist, a monument of the Carnival of Trinidad .... De Vampyah comingggg!!!! MISTER BLAXX!!!! everybody knows him, everybody knows his music and lyrics: Results : A pure bashhhhment

HOTHOT HOT atmosphere in Chaguaramas, and if you were at SOS, I am sure you were not feeling rushed to go to Bacchanal Wednesday, here was like this : Ambiance, DRINKS flowing like Whaa, Accras, Doubles, Corn Soup AND ALL KINDA TING! People getting on really outrageously bad ....  People Had No Behavior ... THIS WAS OUR SOS EXPERIENCE!! ... Lets Not Forget ... an iconic moment of ANY party is to notice any false hair aka weave on the floor ... yes that's right ... one sign of when people are having a GREAT TIME is when their false hair have fell off .... !!!!

Back to Basics and the fantastic Kerry The Drummer sent us litterally in heaven with their performance ... with various and uniquly different combinations of "Come To Meh", Advantage" on special while the Drums ... BEAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know about you, I love the live show, but a party with dj's even better! As Scorn would say ... it was like Matterhorn in his parties in JA ... A DJs performance can and will always rival a live band performance .... Would not be better ...

Half past midnight ... TJJ always in action ... big up to all the promoters ... SOS was a bess party ... it's time to move towards Bacchanal Wednesday ... 5 minutes away ... will it be Better Than What We just witness and survived ... "Allyuh Come In The Jab Jab Band!!!! Come IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-De Camel

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>> Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2011 Coverage