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So the concert just finished and you really don't want to go home just yet ..... where is the one after party where you're sure to have a good time? ..... ENCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the moment you walked inside it was just vibes.  Pretty peopleall dressed up, everyone with a drink in hand and jamming down UnionSquare Ballroom.  Back to Basics, Sounds 4 Life and Pantrin vibes did not disappoint and made you feel like you were still in Trinidad. Speaker Box started playing on repeat then you heard it acapella style.  Yes, Super Jigga TC was present singing his hit.  And when I say men were taking advantage of speaker boxes, hmmmm pure wotlessness.

After the impromptu performance I felt like it was Carnival Fridayagain, we were getting all the hits coming one after the next.  It wasofficially carnival bootcamp all over again, talk aboutPACE!!!!!!!!!!!  The music was sweet and we were all remembering where we were Carnival Tuesday thanks to Back to Basics.   Then Advantage played...the crowd went insane, we were crossing the Savannah stage all over again.  Oh the memories.

ShorBlu Events and OHPsalms did not disappoint and its safe to saythey have successfully pulled off another great event.  Great job guys....I hear there is a WOTLESS fete coming up soon.  Can't wait for this one.

-TJJ Admin

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>> View Encore - The Only 'After Event' Gallery