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Carnival Saturday, under the skyes of mosquito-ville. There were no biting in-sects. Well at least they didn't find me :( I will say that I didn't go Valsyn North for Machel... it have other things of interst there and they did not disappoint. Neighbourhood party does bring neighbours.

Nice sized, but too big and not too small, easy to navigate. Dem indo chicks was delivering. 

Lots of street parking, if you don't mind walking around the block a few time, a few ladies complained about their heels sinking into the grass. It was my first time, so I had no idea what foot wear was required, but next year... no heels ladies. Also, you I didn't require any mosquito repellant, but that may not mean that you won't... be safe with the Off if you have that sweet smelling blood.

A fair fete, enough energy and good music to enjoy yourself, then agian with this year's hits it wasn't hard for a dj to not please the crowd. I was slightly surprised and disapointed that Machel was singing over his own tracks, but entertaining all the same. 

Chit system... hate it. Especially when you are holding a chit and can't get any service. which was the case. it wasn't as apparent as it should have been that there were selling chits are every bar, so I walked all over the party trying to get chits. vodka ran out! seruously? vodka? anywhow... Lets just say I was lucky that there was somebody in the fete with their own personal bar and good intensions of getting me drunk

A tad dissapointing. I've come used to alot of extras at fetes and this one had none. Well a few food vendors, and the fry oil did smell real good, however it's the week before carnival, all that fry food going and cost me real wine on de road

I can't remember who much money I was out of pocket, but it must have been worth it. Cause I went home happy ...

Dr. Ram Dass

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