5 Minutes With DJ RudeboyHe's one of the most well known Caribbean DJs in the industry, but rarely do we get a chance to get an interview with him. Working with such stars as Sean Kingston, Rupee and Alison Hinds, it's no wonder this guy is on top of the game. Now in order to get this interview, Le Petit Juice and I risked out lives by climbing up a very rickety ladder to get to the DJ booth where our boy was playing so you know we had to make it good! 5 Minutes With the always wonderful and charming DJ Rudeboy starts .... NOW!

Eljon: Rudy!! What is your favorite Riddim?
DJ Rudeboy: Oh geez, well back in the day it was the "Joyride" Riddim. Right now it's the "Unfinished Business" Riddim.

Eljon: If you weren't in the music business, what would you be doing?
DJ Rudeboy: Well, honestly, I started playing when I was 10. I was a house party DJ and playing basically put me through college. Then I got my Accounting Degree, my own label and everything basically fell into place so I'm really not sure. Music has always been there.

Eljon: What do you do on your down time?
DJ Rudeboy: I don't have any down time. What is that? There is no such thing!
Eljon: Geeeeez, all you artists and DJs need a vacation for real!

Eljon: Do you have a hidden talent?
DJ Rudeboy: A few... you know what, no comment! Dutty business!
Eljon: Rudeboy in truth!

Eljon: If you had a time machine, where would you go and why?
DJ Rudeboy: Do I own this machine, or do I have one rub on Genie Eljon?
Eljon: Hahaha! I can only tell the future. I'm still working on time travel!
DJ Rudeboy: I would probably like to visit the future maybe 100 years down the road straight into TnT Carnival (if it still exists and how it has changed); then report back to TJJ!

Eljon: I love it! Who are you jamming to right now?
DJ Rudeboy: (he points to a poster of Alison Hinds) Alison! Just kidding, I'm listening to Serani, love his vibe!

Eljon: Describe yourself in one word.
DJ Rudeboy: Perfectionist.

Eljon: If you had an anthem to your life, what would it be?
DJ Rudeboy: Frank Sinatra's "My Way".
Eljon: Wikid.

And he certainly is doing it his way. Play on Rudeboy, play on!

-Mix Juice trying to get down the ladder with Rae on she bum