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Did the Johnnie Blue Stop Walking?

Carnival Friday is starting to pile up with various fetes, and the choices of where to fete is only getting harder and harder. But at TJJ, it's definitely recommended to always attend at least one boat ride for a carnival. So, if the carnival experts say so... so it shall BE! And for this being my first carnival boat ride (shhhh... doh tell anyone), I had a great time. Even with the late start the weather, scenery, music and drinks were on point.  The music and the waves kept the boat rocking!

The crowd was a decent size.  When you got tired of dancing on the top deck of the boat there was always room downstairs to sit and chill.  Now don't get it twisted, the folks downstairs were jammin' HARD too! You could also get drinks faster at the downstairs bar *wink wink*.  As we set sail, everyone was very relaxed... it felt like a party with your few closest friends on a boat. 

It took us a minute to get to Pier 1 because of traffic which of course is unavoidable during Carnival (sigh). But mad props to D' Young Juice for getting us there safe and sound... and love to the promoters for holding the boat!! LOL. The crowd on hand fit the size of the boat perfectly. If there were anymore people the boat would of felt too crowded.

The weather was perfect for a boat ride. It was just hot enough that the breeze from the water cooled you off after winning for a few hours. The route that the boat took allowed you to see the island from a different perspective. The scenery was amazing whether it be the the smaller islands, the sunset, or Port-of-Spain at night. What more can you ask for but great music (large up Trini's own DJ Dane of the Movie Stars and also Dr. Jay and E-Man reppin' the T-DOT) and a phenomenal backdrop.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was when we past another boat and everyone started waving and the DJ commented on how the other boat was more like the "Geriatric" boat ride and everyone danced even more.

The corn soup at the end of the night was right on POINT! And with a touch of pepper and some chadon beni sauce ... Yummmm!! The other food... I recall gyros at the start.... that was on the boat was decent. But you had to get it early because they did run out of some things. However the drinks were flowing which was most important ... especially the Johnnie Walker! Who say Blue Label!!

I would definitely go again on this boat ride. The weather, atmosphere,  the drinks, the scenery all went together well and produced a great fete!

Colin, Jason & Bryce ... TJJ will see you guys next year!


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