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St. Andrews Golf Club, Moka is always known as the place where one of the big fetes taking place on Carnival Sunday is held. For reasons beyond our control however, Trini Jungle Juice has never been able to attend nor part take in the Explosion that we always hear so much about. Come C2K11 however, we adopted and motivated ourselves by a slightly altered Star Trek quote … “to boldly go where no TJJ team has gone before!” So Moka Explosion … ♫ ♪move out de way, move cus we fetting ... TJJ Fetting For Days ♬ ♫

Upon arrival we spent a little extra time at the door with the well mannerly but strict security, getting our credentials in order. We were already running behind time and this keep back was a bit frustrating. All minor issues however, and we definitely were not going this to let this ruin our good spirits and overall assessment of the fete. After sorting, inward we headed ... time to take Advantage!

Initially we spent a good bit of time consumed with the number of patrons that were present, and didn't really get to venture off to the food area. However we passed drink stations of every description. We even came across some that were unique to this all inclusive, and this all inclusive alone. Ron Zacapa rum, Glen Fiddich scotch, NV Absinthe Verte and JW Blue were some brands just to give you a little tease.

We must also mention that the service at the drink booths were quite good! In fact, at most promotion booths we really had a hard time walking away with our hands empty. With lots of pleasant smiles and words of encouragement such as "what would you like to try", we really wish we could have put away the cameras and just enjoyed the party like the rest of patrons. Ha ha … but like the good ole saying goes … “No rest for the Wicked”.

Now with all this alcohol flowing, without a doubt the crowd was in good spirits. Lots of laughter, dancing, wining and socializing could be seen in groups or pockets of people across the fete’s cross section. The women without a doubt seemed to be out doing the men, when it came to wining down low! All we could say was that things were going quite interesting 

Around 7:30pm we heard the likes of the Roy Cape All Stars on stage, and made our way stage side to soak in the bands presentation. Having quite a good 2K11 season Blaxx, Rita and Olatunji recited some of this year’s favorites such as “Carnival Jumbie” and “Tanti Woi” amongst others much to the crowd’s delight. Veteran calypsonian Black Stalin also came on during Roy Cape All Stars performance to do a couple of his hits.

The next two performers on stage was definitely a crowd shocker, seeing all the controversy that took place in the Chutney Soca Monarch finals. Yes folks it was none other than Rikki Jai and Ravi B! It was truly nice to see both young and old chutney artist in the business getting along and putting all their differences aside, with Ravi B publically apologizing to Rikki and asking for his forgiveness. Rikki in return accepted and by the end of their performance, it was comforting to all that were present to see how these two artists could once again come together and work for the betterment of music on the whole. Well done guys!

After Roy Cape left the stage, most patrons returned to the bars and food stalls for replenishments. If you were uncertain of what to eat, simply using the length of the lines as an indicator quickly helped you pick out which were the popular and tastier outlets for food. Hope you could handle the wait however (P.S. – see photos for more vivid visuals on the kinds and variety of food offered.)
Overall this was a $900 ticket fete. Definitely one of the more high end All Inclusive fetes for the season, and the clientele that it attracts seems to find the price well worth the experience judging from the turnout and overall feedback. So this isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last Moka experience on a Carnival Sunday to enjoy. God’s willing; TJJ will most definitely see you all for the 2012 installment.

d’ local Juice

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