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Back at the Abacus again for d' Carnival Tabanca..everyone geared up and ready to party hard!

The whole place wasn't packed out tonight ... but the main room downstairs certainly was! jam packed! Sweat was trickling down patron's faces while they gettin' on Wotless..ladies takin a wine to the side and fellas takin advantage of town ting! Energy in the crowd was pumpin tonight. Jus' how we like it!

So from time to time we like to return to Abacus..spacious, upstairs and downstairs, couches to chill out on and take a rest from d excitement, and big bars with usually good service flowing..though tonight was so busy that it seem the bartenders were finding it hard to keep up at one point!

Vibes was nice! Soca bringin' back a memory for the people that went Trini for carnival 2k11, and even bringin' back a memory for the ones that didn't go! But everyone come to have a good night. With Busspepper, you can be sure of that.. And with the likes of DJ Markee & Lyrical Louix pon the decks, yuh sure to hear hit tunes to keep yuh body movin'..

Standard prices for drinks for a Saturday night in London.. if yuh want to drink, yuh pay the price! I can only assume the food was good as no one was heard complaining..but I'm yet to get my doubles, which wasn't there yet when I went to get something in my belly!!

The usual Busspepper staff on the door.. did there best to get the crowds in as quick as possible. The door men cool as usual too. Inside, the bar staff worked hard to keep the drinks flowin for the people.. All good in terms of the services aspect tonight.

£15 entry fee, added costs of food and drink once inside..

-Phresh Juice

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>> View Busspepper's Carnival Tabanca 2011 Gallery