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Another Dame Du Show production, first event for 2011.
The crowd wasn't present in quantity but were there in quality. It was the right audience for the DJ's on rotation. The ravers had their musical thirst quenched from the hard work the DJ's had to put in.

The venue was a decent size with two bars, lounge areas, VIP sections, etc. It's very accessible by any form of transportation.

The vibes was very good. DJ Slick held his ground playing both new and old school R&B, Hip-Hop and Dancehall for six hours, whilst Barry Perryman handle the Caribbean vibes with Dancehall and Soca. Overall the DJs did exceptionally well to keep the audience entertained.

Giving this an average mark. Didn't acknowledge much of the drinking. But I would say standard central London prices.

Service has always been a 10 with these ladies. They take very good care of the TJJ man, nuff respect for that.

Give and take, I believe majority of the ravers were satisfied with the night, not so sure about the match-making aspect. Some people might left feeling robbed, especially the guys, there weren't much eye-candies in the place, yeah, very crucial for any event.

A lot of respect to the promoters (Dame Du Show) for having TJJ as part of your movement, we hope to continue the good relationship. Big shout out to all the staff who played their part. Massive shout out to the DJs - DJ Slick (UK Celebrity DJ) and Barry Perryman (T&T Wildman)

-Ali T.

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>> View Dame Du Show's Envy League Gallery