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So I have never personally been to the Trinidad edition of Fall Out, I will admit, but I read the reviews and oh laaaawwwwd I wish I had been there. So one time, I know the vibes at the Appreciation would be nice, and so said so done. As usual the NY posse took their time in getting there. You know the deal already, be fashionably late. Smh...only New Yorkers. The crowd started trickling in around 1 am, but by 2:30, the place was ram out. There was hardly any room to get through, let alone, take pictures.

Of course this was the most talked about and anticipated party for that week, so the crowd came out in full effect. The Twist of Lime bartenders were well put together in matching outfits, very nice touch, and provided service with a smile. The DJs for the night were Freeks 4 Soca, Tony 4 Real, Spice, and the Party Rocker himself Back to Basics. With that lineup, you know the music was sweeeeet and the mix was on point. They played everything, from a lil Bob Marley, to some Hip Hop, Reggae and of course a good dose of Soca. It was a Friday night so people wanted to chill out and forget about the stress of the previous work week without any major hassles. In the beginning was socializing time, which is the way we New Yorkers love to start off a party.

You have to see who is there and be seen as well. By the end of the night, all social airs were put aside and the party was in full swing. Who, like me, didn't make it home for Carnival took full advantage of making this their version of Fall Out and who went home had a las lap of the Carnival 2K11 vibe.

Much appreciation to Ian for having the TJJ family cover this event. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and much success for many more to come.

-Anika T

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>> Fall Out Appreciation/Ian's Birthday Bash Gallery