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BE FRESH BE FRESH, FRESH BE...  Two famous martinican promoters with excellent reputation have teamed up this saturday April , 02nd: West Indies Production and 2K Event. An original event that everybody was talking about this Saturday. The second opus of this year, The first one took place last carnival season in Martinique and some good feedback came up to my ears.
A concept that promised to be very original regarding the music played by the dj's and the big  attraction : AN ABSOLUT Ice Bar!!  yes yes yes folks, they did under the tropics, an ice bar!

Excited to see what this evening will look like, I started to move around midnight, camera fullly charged, the flash ok, fashion shades and jacket on ... Let's take a Siberian cold snap ahaha, sigh I forgot the gloves...
Two words : PLENTY PEOPLE. (at least for this island and type of party)
The crowd was absolutely mixed up, it usually is in Martinique, but especially that night, I even heard some foreign language !! And we TJJ, you know we like parties with different ethnicity cause it always brings more spice.
Most of the People came in a casual dress code, some girls came with some sexy and tiny dress, I won't complain about that but I was a bit disappointed cause it was supposed to be an ice party, where are the jackets, the gloves, the snow mask and ting ahahaha, apparently it wasn't really a theme party, and it wasn't cold atmosphere at all, the heat was on the dancefloor, but let's move on this...

The event took place at ""La Fabrique"". a nice and large venue with an inside bar and dancefloor plus an outside bar, and lounge area.
No special decorations inside and outside, just plenty and nice lights effects.... again where are the icy decorations, the snow, the blizzard... It would have been so nice to feel like you were in a cold country.

Finally the only part of the party where it was cold with a little decorations was the ABSOLUT ICE BAR. A private area has been installed for the spot.
I went in and out plenty time and as you will notice on the pictures, it was an intimate bar, not large at all, but my goodness what an ambiance inside.

Easy Accessibility by car, enough parking for everyone.

WIP and 2K Event put on the stage two of the best dj's of the island, known overseas in France: DJ Etane Carter for the House-Techno-Electro and DJ KLYNE for the carribean flavors...it was a bess duo !!!! Woooowww what an ambiance on the inside dancefloor ! Wine, Jump, grind , do whatever you want, but it was a guarantee good fun.

The outsides was more calm, in a "lounge mode" I would say, Take your table, your seats, have social talks or sip your champagne, that was the vibe over there.

Now the attraction of the party, The ICE BAR, very good ambiance, thanks to the barman, mister Laurent... without any music inside the bar (booooooo !!!!) he and his absolut vodka cocktail made us forget about the music, and we really got the hype inside! Special Big up to the man cause even if it wasn't that cold inside, staying all night in that little fridge I must say it is something...

MMmmmmmm Two Words : NO FOOD.... yeah it was that kind of party where you had only one option : DRINK, DRINK and DRINK AGAIN !
Champagne, Rum, Vodka and Beers were flowing all night long, it was not an all inclusive party, so you done know, pay your drinks !!! But believe me it didn't stop the crowd at all.
For my part, The Ice Bar got most of my attention, yes, Three words : SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS

The place was busy, but the Service was excellent, inside or outside with sexy sponsor waitress, Good security all around.

20 euros to get in the party
10 more euros to get in the ABSOLUT ICE BAR
No free drinks
Kind of expensive at the end, but all in all I think people had a good time considering all the empty bottle of champagne I was that night.
The party ended around 5 or 6 in the morning, it talk for itself!

It was a nice party, it could be improved in many points, like decorations, price and the ice bar ... colder and larger with music inside. But well I trust the promoters, let's see if they can bring something better for the act III.

Frenchie Juice aka De Camel without gloves and not cold at all

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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