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I am proud to announce that IGLOO Cooler Party has now made it's way from Kingston, JA to Miami, FL, USA! With it's 2nd event running, IGLOO of SoFla has gone from 700 to over 2,000 people showing up for their event!

Big crowd, full ah vybz

Venue was the perfect size to hold the 2,000 or so partygoers, but parking was horrible. There must be better directions for the next event at The Ranches.

Thanks to Dutty Dex, Coppershot, DJ Narity and Nocturnal ... these DJ's were pumpin' madd energy into the crowd! Not to mention the alcohol in the people veins!! :-) Everyone was dancing and having a time ...  there was barely any room to move, just tek ah wine!

Everything!! BYOB... was checkin' out everyone's coolers and there was Ciroc in almost everyone!!!

Pre-Sold: $25 @ The Door: $35

Full of Vibes, People and Energy, IGLOO was definitely not a let down! Come join SynDark Movements as they bring in their 3rd IGLOO in South Florida on July 3, 2011! They put on ah rel hype event for the "Twice As Nice" edition, let's see what's in store for their next...


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