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One of the most highly anticipated fetes to kick of the very start of what is going to be a crazy summer! Euphoria was an experience within its own. One of a kind. Twitter was buzzing for months for the bashment brought to you by two of the hottest sound systems in New York City, Back2Basics and Natural Freaks. The true party rockers.

Week after week as Euphoria came closer, my timeline would be filled with hype around the main event. Everyone from all corners of NYC were all coming to VIP to fete at Euphoria. The TJJ team knew for sure we had to be up in dey! Definitely a can't miss!

So...we circled for definitely an hour, if not more to park our tank! We know we rollin in a big vehicle but mercy! VIP never have park available no matter what event we go to. Parking is scarce. Brooklyn promoters, you all need to come up with some kind of shuttle bus service or dollar vans comin from Utica, Church, Flatbush and Canarsie for your partygoers! This parking situation is a turn off. We reached the entrance, and immediately got indoors due to helpful security and promoters! They show us love regardless each and everytime! We love it!

Inside was ram pack! Bottles were most def on deck and lined up! Big ting small ting! All kinda ting in dey! People were representing every island, even Panama had a crew! Music kept flowin with tune after tune (until fight number one broke out *HoldsHeadsInShame*)

The Natural Freaks team and B2B definitely shelled down the place with a crazy mix up of all the soca hits and let's not even got on the reggae and dancehall vibes. They even went IN on some hip hop tracks. The party was hot in a lot more ways than one! ....(until fight #2 broke out!) B2B was NOT havin it so like some true island people a chant broke out to a soca beat, and fighter were escorted out in shame. Can't kill a nice vibe.

Sweat poured off of our bodies for a few hours, and we finally gave in. We had to make a break for it around quarter to 5am. Tallpree stopped us on the way out, arriving as we were leaving. Lots more vibes awaited for the rest of the weekend. It was time for a little charge up!

-Junior Juice

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