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Soca @ De Sandbar Review
By Sidney aka Scorn Juice
Published on 27-Apr-11
When Daddy Chooks told me "Scorn, you will like yourself in Jamaica for the Carnival" ... He didn't lie. I booked my ticket two days before my flight; I packed my camera and relevant gear; I got the all clear from my 9am-5pm master of disguise; I arrived in ...

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When Daddy Chooks told me "Scorn, you will like yourself in Jamaica for the Carnival" ... He didn't lie. I booked my ticket two days before my flight; I packed my camera and relevant gear; I got the all clear from my 9am-5pm master of disguise; I arrived in Jamaica after a twenty (20) hour journey; the post Trinidad Carnival Depression cure has been administered and the first sign of a cure is "Soca At De Sandbar": Lime Cay Beach. If, like a true Caribbean born human being, you’re an avid consumer of sun, sand, great tasting food and a simple but selective variety of alcohol available at your fingertips (mostly of a Jamaican variety), you will be in for a similar enjoyment for Bacchanal Jamaica's Lime Cay Beach Party - the first major party to start off the Carnival week here in Jamaica for 2011. At first glance, all the ingredients for a seductive event to rival the likes of any Beach Lime Party on any island are there — huge beach, sand, riveting & exciting boat ride to the island, intriguing people (some larger-than-life as they have dubbed themselves), and exquisitely hot sun that eats away at depression (especially when coming from Europe). Soca @ De Sandbar however, knows too well how to not stock up on the Beach Lime Party anomalies but instead what it is, though, is tremendous fun under the sun, and further proof that Bacchanal Jamaica knows how to start the Carnival with a complete blast.

For me, this is a tricky one - Daddy Chooks: one might say a complete veteran in the Carnival Arena - his third time on the island of Jamaica; Frenchie aka De Camel: a Jamaican virgin just as myself and a whole heap of women we are now meeting for the first time partying on an island; Renaissance Disco, hugely represented under the disc jockeys' tent pushing all the favourite tunes from their Mac Pro Book all mixed with the sounds of the crashing waves; and finally a large amount of alcohol flowing all through people's throats makes this an exquisite start to my Jamaica Carnival. Did I say it was tricky? May have to rethink that one! Aptly put - this is my first Jamaican Carnival and things could not have gone any better! Soca @ De Sandbar plunges you straight in, following either a very slow boat ride from the main land - Y-Knot Dock, Port Royal - to the uninhabited island - Lime Cay; or you can opt to be on a very bumpy boat ride and completely pass the "slow boat" and wave your hands in the air while being wet from the ripples in the water; then to a complete eye-opener of what some might call heaven, with the smooth sand as you walk on the beach, the prominent sunshine blazing on your skin as well as the pure sweet and innocent sensation that soca pulsates as it ricochets in between your ears.
It was bewildering at times, condensing all the fun and excitement of a Beach Lime Party in five (5) hours i.e. 12:00pm to 5:00pm, but I am extremely delighted to report that it was an immaculate five (5) hours that I strongly urge and recommend - its the perfect starter for the main course at your favourite ""come get me some shag time"" restaurant. At first and as always at any event, patrons are socialising and exchanging witty comments with each other as they course through the variety of alcohol that was brought. No Bars, No Food Service means bring your own drinks, bring your own poison and bring your own hangover cure. At a cost of $ 0.00 JA Dollars, YES, FREE, patrons spend money on what they want to consume i.e. stop off at the supermarket, stop off at the KFC, stop off somewhere! As expected, a beach party lime as can be given away in the name contributed heavily to the attire which was worn today: slippers or bare feet, bathing suits, trunks, batty riders, see through tops, bras, beach wraps, or even just your underwear. Let loose was the order of the day! Accompanying alcohol is the great satisfaction of music which makes people interact with one another and engage in the physical activity of dancing and dry humping and sexual satisfaction of the human imagination without taking off clothes. The sand makes for the perfect location and something about the sand playing in your toes while you jirate on another human being makes you want to do it more ... or was that just me? This manipulation of the insipid human mind is very powerful and can hold onto the feeble for the entire five (5) hours or even onto the strong for four (4) hours and fifty-nine (59) minutes - it is THAT captivating!  Bacchanal Jamaica ensured that the bells and whistles were up to scratch when it comes to a Beach Lime, and once DJ Smoke is on the set ... there is no equal.

Now that you are up to speed, Soca @ De Sandbar yanks you off  to a world of euphoria for various reasons besides just being a lime ... in my case ... The fact that I do not have work the next day; seeing friends from all over the world and sharing that drink or even a dance; the beach itself as tempting as it was did not get the opportunity to cover my skin however, some patrons definitely enjoyed splashing around in the water, and even a couple jet skis were present however, the fish out of water stuff worked like a charm!! So much so that when I did enter the water, I somewhat managed to injure myself ... whatever cut my skin ... it cut like Kate Middleton’s engagement rock.

At the end of it all even at 5:00 pm, I strongly advise you my fellow reader: turn off your snobbish side, let loose, let your hair down, take off your top because Soca @ De Sandbar is a return to form of a true Beach Lime Party, so much so, that if you only ever go to one Beach Lime Party in the world, this is the one it should be! A true masterpiece of an event that we at TJJ will be extremely and hugely happy to see again ... oh ... in a year or so!

Much Love goes out to Maxine, Kerry, Yannick .. thank you for meeting me at the airport and starting my morning off with Appleton; Smoke (Ryan) ... love that Bounty Killer drop ... absolutely love it!; Andre, Anthony, Nina ... TJJ family, always fun with you guys in any country; Renee, Colette, Allison and crew ... pleasure to meet you guys ... good vibes;  ... ... mad love for everybody for making my first five (5) hours on the Reggae Island one I will never forget!

-Scorn Juice
.... come meet me ah round de front ah mi yard ...

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