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A Night of Light – Let It Shine was brought to you by Luna Co. and Rush Entertainment an introduction to Trinidad and Tobago’s market to Luna’s products and services in energy technological services. This saw a demographic of young urban professionals gathered for this white carpet event. On entering, you were given complementary drink chits and with a glance around the Paprika venue you saw Body Art being done, Gyros being served and also Mexican hotdogs or what I believed was Mexican hotdogs, from my time in Miami, plugged a hole for me later in the night. 

With an estimated five hundred person in attendance, they were moved by the sounds of Dj Marcus, Coolkut and Selig. Also, a bewildering vocal performance provided by Krystal Khayne touched on one of Rihanna songs etc.

This white carpet event also served as an avenue to showcase a number of up and coming young Caribbean designers some from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design at UTT and other notable young designers who have shown by their display an inherent talent that was built on a strong Caribbean aesthetic with cuts that reflected both our heritage and international references.

Designers present were:

                        Riky B
                        Damian Moore
                        Thea Kellman
                        Raxanne Ross
                        Althea Clark

Also hair and makeup were provided by Victor Martinez of VJM Salon, Shannon Cockburn and Claudia Roa. A number of artiste and well none faces could have been seen through the crowd. The event went way after the allotted 3 am with Richard releasing Alien lanterns that went into the stratosphere and patrons dancing even break dancing till the wee hours of the morning.

For TJJ I’m Cass Stuart

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>> View LUNA - A Night Of Light Gallery