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I'm still trying to recover from all de bacchanal that happened at Bacchanal J'Ouvert and the day that I spent at strawberry hill, drinking and drinking with Scorn Juice ... But doh worry, de Camel and the rest of the team are always ready for some more action, sleep you say, nahhhhh it’s Carnival time, and tonight is the last big fete of this Jamaica carnival edition 2011.

The Iron has me so BAZODEE, The Iron has me so BAZODEE, wooiiii oye oye, does it remind you something, yes yes people, it is that time again to invest the ultimate fete of Jamaica carnival, the famous, the unique, the fantabolouuuus (druuummm roll) Frenchmen Bazodee, THE party for Saturday night, a premium all inclusive event.We headed out to the fete at about 9:00PM with our private driver from St Lucia, one of my best Caribbean friend « mister bubby »; We reach Cherry Gardens residential neighborhood and park in no time thanks to his Google map application. We parked on a large parking area, and were on board a shuttle in less than one minute.

Surprise for me when we reach the entrance, it was exactly the same venue as the BLOCK-O fete that we did on Thursday day, except that this time it’s in a private villa. Stepping inside through a tunnel designed like a carnival mask, (really beautiful and fancy I must say), we got inside the house and were welcomed by some sexy hostess dressed in carnival costume, distributing mask with various colors. I really like this concept of giving accessories to the crowd, it had some craziness to the party, and it’s always a good way to keep a nice souvenir.The front yard was where the dancefloor was laid down and the special lighting effect.  First stop I had was by a large bar by the entrance, you could also have found one by the dj’s stage. Service was in lightning bolt style! An all inclusive with no wait at the bar is already a thumbs up in TJJ books. With a drink in one hand, and camera in the other, it was a real balancing act. We TJJ have skills, no scene.

Behind the house was the food corner plus another bar, I tell you Bars everywhere, if you were thirsty, it couldn’t have been the promoter’s fault. Let’s get back to the dinner, whatever your food taste was, if it was between Caribbean, Jamaican or Asian flavor (Cornmeal Dumpling, Corn Pork, Tomato & Jerk Sausage, BBQ Pigtail, Buss Up Shut Roti, Curry Goat, Beef Samosas, doubles and lots more).. Trust me, you would have found your happiness. Once again the promoters have put the maximum, a fast service, tasty flavors, wide assortment, very well organized and nicely decorated. When you go to a Frenchmen party, you know you getting the best of the best!

The place was filled with beautiful people, and I mean real HOT AND FANCY eh! All I could hear into my mind that night was this Destra’s song: I feel like bip.. kin’ but well maybe I was under the influence of those shots I had by a baby bottle or right down the TUBES bar, a multitude of shots served in a plastic tubes, trust me something to blow your mind fast ahaha. You can attest of that bar with the pictures taken of some ladies on a wall, I don’t know about the ingredient, but the shots names talk for themselves, crazy crazyyy shots.

The music was excellent, powered by DJ SMOKE of Renaissance Disco and Back to Basics all the way from NYC, The dancefloor was pumping hard. Big up to the maestros of that fete with a mix between old soca, new 2011 soca and calypso ... their soca selections were on point all night long! I loved every minute of it!... Honestly there was music for everybody's taste. Seeing a crowd with all ages represented wining and behaving bad, you can tell that it was a besss fete.

But wait party not done yet, we got a good surprise when the man himself MACHEL MONTANO climbed up on the DJ Stage to perform some of his tunes, the party just turned bad on fire as soon as I heard the « HEEE AHHHHH » goose bumps came on me … It was a quick and efficient performance that mash up de fete! Party continued until 3am and it was pure jamishness, good fun between people from all Caribbean islands. Frenchmen is one of those fete where you can meet new people for sure, and that’s why it makes it so special, one Caribbean unite around the love of Soca and Carnival.

Okay 3 am, time to get back to the shuttle... Carnival in a few hours so we headed back to the hotel in one piece,don’t know if we will have time to rest, cause the ROAD is in less than 6 hours.

-Frenchie Juice aka De Camel

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>> View Frenchmen All-Inclusive "Bazodee" 2011 Gallery
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