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Well yes, fresh from a restful Easter weekend, it was time to head for another fun filled event. But wait, I think i'm going to change my title for this one because of the name of the event. Time to head to D' Cure, and you know we cannot talk about curing anyone with being a doctor. Dr. Jokey I presume?

*British accent* The doctor is in the house, or on the boat. First things first, what would i be curing? As I looked around it seemed as though these poor patients were suffering swagger-itus. This is a case where both male and females have the urge to come out of the respective homes at late hours, dressed in the hottest fashion and flaunting it for everyone to see. Tsk tsk tsk. Awaiting departure upon the Treasure Queen, I observed the number of people who will be suffering from sore thumbs because the number of BB messaging and calling that were going on from the line to the boat was extraordinary. Fortunately, this doctor has not been bitten by the BB bug thank you very much.

We departed on our excursion shortly after 10 p.m. With the cool sea breeze and lovely ambiance, it was quite shocking to see that hardly anyone was at the top balcony enjoying it. This must have something to do with the entertainment. On further investigation, I concluded that it definitely was. With all these selections of this year's latest soca, reggae and dancehall being flushed down my patients ears, it was no surprise that sooner or later all persons would've gotten jungle fever. But don't worry, D' Cure for that is Jungle Juice *wink wink*

Oh yes, my beautiful female patients. What would I do without you. I must thank the disc jockeys responsible for having the ladies move their bodies in such seductive ways. Great men such as 5 Star Akil, and a voice who calls himself Trevelyn, or is it the other way around. Anyway, ""pip pip cherry-o"" to you men.

As the suarez continued, I concluded what the cure for all of this could be. And that's just to have fun, be merry, or as my good mates would say "Palance." Dr. Jokey did enjoy D' Cure but two things I am certain at the end of this party, even myself may not have the cure for. And that is, hang over at work, and empty pocket syndrome....from not going to work the next day.

Another great party brought to all from Levy Promotions. Timing may have had some hiccups, but at the end of it, we cured all that, and enjoyed ourselves. Dr. Jokey prescribes continued success and be sure to have us at TJJ come to any other of your future projects

-Jokey Juice

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