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AN TAN LONTAN is a Creole word (patoi), a language widely spoken here in Martinique, with a nostalgic-sounding, it means BACK IN THE TIME.

Last Friday, May 13th, I've been taken into a Time Machine by the promoters of the new concept "A'L PROD", well known on the Martinican party scene, they made ​​their first shot under this label. In an unusual venue, the crowd have been transported back in time by the dj's.

The party took place in the south of martinique at the Hotel Cap Macabou... Far from town, it could be the reason why the venue wasn't packed. For those who came, the dress code of the party has been totally forgotten, nobody respected it, come on guys and girls, where were the back to school outfits?? Mmmmm ... I guess I will never get any answers! Many people passed through that and just came in casual.

As for the dress code, it was pretty hard to find plenty girls in that party, maybe they got late at the time machine boarding... my conclusion, Cap Macabou was obviously too far for them, but who knows.

The venue was kind exotic for me as it was my first time over there. The Hotel Cap Macabou offered a nice and large venue with an inside bar and dancefloor plus an outside area. The Dancefloor had enough space but not enough air condition, lord fire on the dancefloor, I swear that everybody was wet, mmmm interresting. No special decorations inside and outside, just plenty and nice lights effects and smoke.


A'L PROD put with us in the time machine three dj's, well known on the island:  DJ LEN'Z, DJ KOS'D, DJ GIL. Through a set of old music, back to school style, they certainly brought back sweet memories of the good ole days. During all night I was transported back into my teenager skin, going to school and university.  Nice Nice vibzzzz on the ground for me, I just regret that the crowd took solong to get in the mood, not enough ambiance and energy, let me thank personnally the "Lord of Liquor" as soon as people blood started to boil, it became all decent.

Drinks was limited to vodka (Absolut), local rum, whisky (some brand that I don't know at all) and champagne (Mercier), not a lot of choice and not all inclusive, pay for your drinks folks... soft drink was offered all night long.


The place wasn't busy, so it made the Service excellent. Good security all around.

25 euros to get in the party
No free drinks
Expensive at the end, but all in all I think people had a good time.
The party ended around 4 in the morning.

It was a decent party, it could be improved in many many many points, like decorations, price and drinks ... at the end, only the DJ's created sometimes the feel of actually being teleported to another place and time. With a wild ambiance, better air condition, it could have made the cut.

But well I trust the promoters, it was their 1st outdoor party, let's see if they can bring something better.

-De Camel

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