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When you think of Mythical Creatures, what enters your mind? Dragons? Angels? Unicorns? Mermaids, perhaps? Well, Carnival Nationz has effortlessly brought these creatures to life and for everyone who witnessed this live - seeing is believing. Carnival Nationz presents: MYTHICAL CREATURES.

Young and Old(er), everyone came out to enjoy the spectacle that is, EVERY year, Carnival Nationz bandlaunch. Of course you can always count on the few who want to be at the front & center stage but can you blame them, really? They came early to set up camp in their favourite spot for the BEST view - leaving some of the photographers (who we won't name-names!) out in the cold. Nonetheless, everyone is there for one reason - to celebrate and to be amazed.

I've never been to or even HEARD of The Pheonix - it was a little hidden and in a strange neighbourhood in downtown, Toronto. I drove passed it a couple times before I realized that THAT was the spot. One BIG issue that I know most people can vouch for - PARKING.The parking lot was conveniently (for those who arrived at 9pm) located across the street. It fit about 70 cars - for everyone else, TOUGH LUCK! You had to find somewhere else to park (and feel safe about leaving your car, at that!) I, on the other hand, was able to find FREE, safe parking on a very well lit street just up the road.

Backstage was very large and perfect to hide all the models while they got their makeup done and costumes fitted. There was also a bar right outside the backstage curtain that made it convenient for everyone trapped in the back till the show began.There was an upstairs balcony, PERFECT for a photographer with the proper equipment and the naked eye. Otherwise, everyone was downstairs in the wide open space enjoying the music and accessible bars at every corner.


If yuh wotless and doh care less - THIS was the place to BE.
Everyone knew every song that came on next and the dance to go with it.
You know vibes are NICE when EVERY hand in the place goes up when Trini comes on ""WE MAD & WE BAD, AH TELLIN' YUH...WHERE WE FROM............?!""......even when they're NOT from Trinidad OR Tobago.
It's ALL love at CNz launch.

Shots were cheap!

Now........ what do you believe in?! ;-) Myth or not?

-Alize for the TJJ fam

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>> View Carnival Nationz Band Launch "Mythical Creatures" 2011 Gallery