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Well as for most or all proper Carnivals, if you actually survive the parade and After Party... there's always a bess beach lime the following day.

Cayman Islands happens to have one of the very BEST. Well this lime happens on most weekends, but Batabano Weekend is especially special because of all the guests visisting the island that weekend... including Machel Montano.

Real people, and they are all out there in warm blue water.

Can't beat this. Clearest ocean water in the universe, warm air, blazing sun, soft sand, boats, music and drinks. You are now about 1/2 mile out from the coast standing in this waist high water drinking, liming, dancing and whatever else pleases you (I can't speak for all). Picture the scene and fill in the blanks with your dreams.

I figure it's something to do with drinking the salt water, but everybody does get good tipsy. In the water and sun, the music and lime is just better...

Well, it's a B.Y.O.B! Have a nice boat, stock ya cooler, and be sure to have plenty chips and salsa... this one is on YOU!


Get a dedicated bartender, I say find a man or woman who have no swim wear... and assign them the bartender duties...

Up to you whether you do the drive OR get/have a boat? Whether you cook a pot of paleau OR you buy KFC?

Walk with towels and a change of clothes, especially if you are planning to stay late when the sun goes down (Note to self). driving home wet isn't fun.

If you are into the wildlife, definitely make the 15 minute ride out to Stingray City with some conch. Feeding time, apparently the scores of stingrays are friendly... I didn't want to find out, but it's a way cool experience to be out there and see them in a natural environment.

Big up to the "Rusty Cash" boat crew for the love. Good times.

-Dr. Ram Dass

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Boat Lime @ Rum Point & Stingray City Gallery
>> View Cayman Carnival Batabano 2011 Coverage