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Have you every dreamt of going to a party where the girls are all beautiful, wearing bikini and beads and jamming down de place to sweet sweet Soca?

Well peoples... guess what? There's heaven on earth... and it's Swanky's party @ Margaritaville in the Cayman Islands right after the parade.

It's not the most lengthy carnival... however after the parade there's a good jam session on the street next to some massive speaker boxes and then for those of you who know better, or just following those masqueraders... you will end up at the After Party. And it's GREAT!

Upstairs, whether you want to be up close to the DJs or out on the balcony enjoying the breeze, drinks and a bess wine, this is definitely the place to be and it's certainly a great time!!

Most of the bands were well represented, especially Swanky's masqueraders.... and all of the young ladies are in bikinis (we love it)... finishing off the rest of their best road wine. All the DJ's are there, all the promoters are there... well just everybody who have the Carnival Jumbie!!

I like Margaritaville. It's upstairs, has a great view, sweet outside balcony vibe, huge well-stocked bar, seating areas, outdoor pool, sound system and dance floor. Add the smallies... yes the smallies, and your venue WIN.

Very pumping, a good follow up to the parade. Now there was a lot of Hip Hop & Dancehall music playing despite the Soca starved fans, but it was just too much energy left over from the parade to prevent healthy dancing. Large up Hollywood Sachy & DJ Dane (The Movie Stars) reppin' Trinidad proud.... bullet, bullet, bulllet!

Big, wide bar at Margaritaville is excellent. They are taking cash, credit and probably checks. Order anything you want, mixed drinks, beer, wine. I had a open tab... deal with the bill in 25 days!!


Well organized, well secured. And the bartenders (especially the smallie we dealt with) were on point with service ... and their sexiness was a added bonus.

Seriously I can't remember the exact number, but it couldn't have been more than 5 or 10 dullars... and I would have paid a hungie easy... serious, true true talk! Doh try and save a dollar and miss out on that kinda good time. As a matter of fact, go and buy a plane ticket and fly down just for de night... (if you can't make the parade)

I LOVE IT (full stop) ... highly recommended.

-Dr. Ram Dass

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>> View Swanky's Batabano 2011 After Party Gallery
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