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It's Friday night, and I'm in the mood to party. But where can I go? Alright, you know what, I'm heading east-side. Yes, you heard me, east to Club Aquarius. First things first, I'm a Leo so let's see if the stars were wrong and my greatest match is a female Aquarius. Here's the review.

So this was going to be my first visit to Club Aquarius. Now by the name of the club, I was expecting an oceanic feel, and clearly I was not disappointed one bit. From the time you enter the door you're greeted by a large fish tank that looked like something out of The Little Mermaid or even a National Geographic fish special. The astonishing size of those fishes in the tank.....wait, i'm not here to talk about fishes. Let's get to the party.

As I entered the room, I was greeted by some very beautiful faces. Already i'm addicted. Oh, and those faces had lovely bodies...that could dance too. Serious addiction now. With the Dj's pumping all the best music of all the different genres, no wonder the crowd was moving like this. Down to to the arrangement of the venue had a sort of beach house feel. from the palm trees, to the wooden sheds and rocky waterfall, which had aquatic life and even a pool. Now there's the bar, but there's also a little eating area where you could also dine off of something of the club's menu. Haven't tasted their food just yet, but soon my friends....soon.

As the night went into the morning, the vibes did not drop, neither did the crowds entering. I guess they were also addicted. Well, I know for sure I am. Even the prince of Chutney and his band made an appearance to show their support. Yes I'm talking about Mr. Ravi B and Karma. But I could be wrong on this second one, because I could've swear I saw Mr. 2M walking in with his crew while there. I mean, I could have gone and investigate, but the dance a lovely female patron was giving was too yummy. Sorry. Hope he's addicted and finds his way there at the next Addictive Fridays.

As always, all respect to Dj's Second to None, Dj Rambo and Nicholas Singh out of the Chameleon Entertainment family. Jokey Juice is addicted to Addictive Fridays. To all readers, TJJ family, and even fish lovers, if you want to know the new spot in the east for all your party needs, Club Aquarius is the place to be. Get addicted! Up next, University Saturdays. Three things I love; educated and beautiful ladies, Club Aquarius, and....wait for it.....FREE DRINKS!!! Stay tuned *wink wink*

-Jokey Juice

>> View Addictive Fridays @ Club Aquarius Gallery