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We all know that Marion "Pooch" Hall aka "Derwin Ding Dong Davis" star receiver for the fictional San Diego Sabers on BETs "THE GAME" can dominate on the field..... but how would he fear against the likes of some of the most beautiful women in the T-DOT... Most of whom would not mind SACKING him.... or letting him  GO ALL THE WAY for the touchdown....... SUNDAY May 22nd was..... GAME ON!!!

Ian Espinet scored a TOUCHDOWN with this event as evidenced by the close to exceeding capacity crowd that turned up for it. Jason Chambers and Crew provided the warm up until "Pooch" made his appearance and opted to give the ladies a treat by getting down into the crowd and showing them why he is a star receiver.......AND RECEIVE HE DID....wine after wine after wine after wine...prompting him to eventually say..... MELANIE WHO?????

The entire event was well coordinated and managed justifying why Ian Andre Espinet is considered one of the top promoters in Canada.

Well stocked bar but make sure and eat before you turn up to fete.

Both the promoters and staff at the THIS IS LONDON nightclub were professional, courteous and efficient. The servers were extremely easy on the eyes although a bit camera shy.

Jungle Stallion

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