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This event couldnt have a better fitting name. From the crowd, the vibe, and just pure energy Kris's (Dj Majestic) admirers and the admirers of his admirers came out, it was evident that everyone truly do love Kris. Welcome to EVERYBODY LOVES KRIS 2nd Edition where Culture Shock Ent. gave you a night to remember and not to miss next year.

The crowd came out to celebrate with kris. It was a sophisticated chic kind of night mixed with a little dancehall/soca swag. I couldn't recall seeing any celebs cause everyone was large this night.

Even though the venue was the big question mark, they definitely came thru the night of. living in DC we all know the time lock off but i'm sure while planning CULTURE SHOCK ENT. specifically chose this venue to give everyone their music fix well thru the night. I left at 530am. everything was perfect, and after arriving the little longer than normal journey was well worth it.

The vibes were set from early with DJ GHOST and DJ HAZZARD, who warmed the crowd up. making way for DJ ABLAZE who added fuel to the already scorching fire. Just in time for  BLUEPRINT MOVEMENT to cool us down, then they sparked the flame again taking us right up to dawn.

So the event was a selective drinks inclusive party.... which was great! The only hassle was getting the attentions of the bartenders who were busy all night. but after a short wait, you were set.

-Al aka "Green Juice" ... lol

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>> View Everybody Loves Kris Second Edition Gallery