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Retro glamour at it's best!!!

Another great theme from Corset and Diamonds meant a really great turnout tonight! Clerkenwell house was packed with 1950s hotties!!!...As always the lovely Ladies and Gents came decked out in either full Burlesque gear and for tonight - in Top Hats, Gingham, Bouffants and swing dresses! Some dressed up and some came completely casual...at Corset and Diamonds, anything goes!!! It was great to see the venue packed out and with a generous sprinkling of attractive Ladies and Gents to feed your eye candy cravings !!!

Corset and Diamonds is back at Clerkenwell house tonight... a small and cute venue we have become accustomed to for these fabulous Burlesque events. The event took place in one room of Clerkenwell House, a venue which is spread over 3 floors and hidden away in the back streets of the city. You will easily find a parking spot, which in London is a definite bonus! For those who travel, just a short walk from the tube as well. Although small, every inch of Clerkenwell House was filled with party peeps tonight!

What makes Corset and Diamonds parties unique is always the sexy Burlesque babes who treat us with their performances!!! Tonight we were treated to two very beautiful dancers in the form of Fifi Fatale and Annette Betté Kellow, who teased the crowd with their sensual Burlesque show, including showering us with champagne and rose petals!!! Love it!!! Aside from the performances, tonight's vibe was on point as people swung around the dancefloor to the Rock’n’Roll, Neo Swing, Bebop, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Electro Swing! Two very energetic Ladies utilised all the poles in the venue as well... most entertaining!!! Party was nice!!! Unfortunately after the performances were over, the venue emptied out pretty fast so our advice is get there early so you don't miss out on all the Burlesque fun!!

No food tonight, but as usual the drinks at Clerkenwell House were on point... Choose whichever glamorous cocktail or simple beer you wished, this bar was full of fun bartenders with lots of choice... Another cosmo please!


Corset and Diamonds always always give great service! A big thanks to Monica and the team for another fun night filled with smiling patrons and interesting characters!!

Advance tickets are £15 and more on the door, go all out on the dress code and you might just win a free ticket to the next event!! Two fabulous Burlesque performers, great drinks and an awesome crowd definitely made this party worth every penny:)

-Posh Juice

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