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Carnival has been long over, but these party-goers just can't let it go! What better time to bring back the Carnival vibes, other than Memorial day, the start of the summer!

We arrived at Tropical Reflections but was torn between two parties. . .we didn't know which was which. We decided to go right. . .we went inside, and instantly TJJ got love and made it on the inside. . .only to find out moments later we were in the wrong fete. (Dwl) . . .we swiftly exited and made our way to the left. Ahh! A totally different scene.

We entered to a more polished, grown and sexy crowd, clad in all white attire. Tropical Reflections offered a room with a touch of elegance and a nice set up for a more mature crowd. The decor said it all. It acted as a tiny accent that reflected the true purpose of the event. The tables added a damper to the true potential of excitement, because people decided to sit and socialize, but DJ Back 2 Basics called them out and made sure that they knew that "the dance floor is your friend".

The line up of DJs also included DJ Anonymous, DJ Spice, GB God Bless of GBM and DJ Notorious. They all rocked tunes both old and new that eventually got the dancefloor pumping. Especially after partygoers devoured the flavorful, crowded plates of food offered, and the array of drinks that filled the bar. It made for a wonderful night.

-Cocoa Juice

>> View Carnival Jumbie - Glow With A Touch Of Class Gallery