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C'est La Vie - Fire & Ice party takes the trophy as probably the most premium event in Barbados this year to date! Premium drinks, premium food, premium venue and premium entertainment from Trini's own DJ Private Ryan & Jase Vilian.

Bim's elite rocked up to Lion Gate Polo Club lookin tight in ultra stylish designer white on Saturday.  The crowd was a lil subdued at first but as the night went on everyone in the crowd got hype inc; Mikey, Zeek & the Thompson girls.

OK, OK, so yes the location was FIERCE and the country breeze in St Thomas kept us cool and our sexy white dresses opaque all night, but anyone else get lost as **** on the way there?!  Granted Christ Church south coasters get lost easy, but even so, was it just our convoy that got lost on more than one occasion??

DJ Ryan & Jase Vilian played a hard set ALL NIGHT from arrival to end, keeping the crowd sweet and the wines sweeter!  With all the entertainment company bosses turning up to this event, we sure to hear them again soon!

FOOD.... what can I say bout the food?! DDDAAAaaammmmmmmm the food was GOOOD!!! Four food marques held the all inclusive selection, including; salads, desserts, Bajan delicacies and a pasta tent where the guys made your dish just for you whilst you waited! First Class service & selection without a doubt! Props to who ever made the jerk pork - was the best I ever had (outside a Jamtown)!

Top that with premium drinks including our beverages for the night Moet and  Belvedere Vodka the night was sweet!


Sadly the bar service was the only real downfall on the night, other than running out of a lot of drinks by the end of the evening the service was painfully slow at the bar.  Considering how many waiting staff were 'serving' nobody seemed to be getting their drinks without a good 15-20minute wait, not so good for the thirsty TJJ team :-(

$175BDS per ticket, not cheap by Bajan standards, but considering what you got for money... it was worth every cent!

Premium really was the right word to describe this fete! Already we cyyaaaann wait fuh next year!

Big up DJ Private Ryan & Jase Vilian who kept the music so sweet all night!

A special thanks to Russell Grant for all the TJJ lovin' :-)


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