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From 4-11p, Gulfstream was rammed full of Memorial Day party-goers looking for a fun Day Fete and the all inclusive 'CHILL' was the ONLY event to be on Sunday! The two-time-a-year-event was hosted by Yohance & Richie D and the infamous DJs who played were Dutty Dex, Renaissance, DJ Mario, Renegade and your host, Richie D.

It is an event that you gotta be sure NOT to miss when that time of year comes around! They put a lot of themselves into the party and it really shows, between the choice of DJs, food/open bar options and it always bein packed and full of vybz shows for itself what an event CHILL really is!

Minus the line you have to wait in when you don't come early, I personally give it a two thumbs up EVERY time!

Look for it to soon show face in Jamaica... Bess time always!


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>> View Chill Day Fete 2011 Gallery