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A fun filled evening with a great cast on hand. Once again Promoter Matthew Nelson aka True of Krushmore Ent, hosted an event to a sold out crowd. There was no question how this event was going to turn out, considering the packed house and the long lines outside. And besides.... we knew it wouldn't be right till TJJ showed up. And that we did... just in time to!

When Last yuh take ah wine on ah Tee Jay Jay Ting.... sorry... I got carried away. It's supposed to be a 'Town Ting'. Well Cassie certainly held his own starting the show. And the Soca Queen of all time, Ms. Alison Hinds..... closed it! Can you imagine all that came in-between? Read on....

Packed to capacity and comfortably rammed!!! The quality was great and the patrons were unafraid of the camera! The crowd never stopped dancing and moving. Whether it was to the beat of the DJ's or the live performers.... the crowd kept going! The session was nice...

The location was accessible but I think the promoter should consider another venue. The crowd continues to grow every year and may certainly outgrow this venue. The entry to the parking, is off a major road and it caused a bit of a back up. However, the parking was well organized. The interior setting could not be helped. this venue is set up for parties and concerts. The temperature was good, but as always... who doesn't know what happens to soca lovers when de music start to play?

The vibes.... the vibes..... Let's see...that's an easy one but I will let you decide.... Cassie, Shal Mashall, JW & Blaze, Benjai, Iwer George and Alison Hinds! DJ Stephen and Tony Tempo.... Can you say vibes? Well it was rel vibes!!

The cash bar provided for all. The food line was long and we heard the jerk chicken was good. Well.... sorry.... we know the jerk chicken was good. Sorry for lying!

It is a bit tough to get drinks but what do you expect with a sold out crowd? Either way, more servers could have been present in the bar.

The cost spoke for itself. Who wouldn't pay to see such a stellar line up? Bang for buck??? Kaboom!!!!!

Must give respect out to the promoter True. As always, he takes good care of TJJ. He is always visible and ready for the camera as well. Benjai, Iwer and Alison, fantastic performances by you. As a matter of fact... ALL the entertainers held their own. Collin and Troy, great job! Sharri, we didn't forget you one bit. Jovane.... nuff respect! And by the way, you can't be texting when Alison Hinds is performing boss.. And for those of you who were not there, you missed a performance of a lifetime. The young man from Montserrat who had the million dollar pleasure of dancing with Alison Hinds.... represented for all men!!! See for allyuh self.

Joy Juice... Out and About!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View 4th Annual Carnival Explosion Gallery
>> View Atlanta Carnival 2011 Coverage