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Loooookkkkk At People!!!!! Wow.... is the best way to describe the 7th Annual Cooler Fete. From the time we pulled into the parking lot... (or should I say front yard), we saw a never ending line with eager patrons ready to get in with their coolers. Brapssss ... straight inside we go, with our cooler of course! It was about 1:30am and the place was RAM. Music sounding great and the iron section doing their thing. This party started off on point!!

This crowd was nice. Tonnes of people everywhere .. the Trini/Caribbean diaspora has really supported this event for the past six years and this year was no different. Probably every Trini in Atlanta was in this fete! The crowd had great appeal and was ready for action. As far as any celebs, we even saw Joy Juice from TJJ in da house... wait... that's me! Sorry... jokes!

The venue was not too bad. It was the backyard of the famed Atlanta Caribbean Restaurant, 'The Jerk Hut.' Good size, enough yard space to move around, and anyone could take ah wine and not worry about moving off de bumper from being bounced. But as always when you have a party that large, and you don't have enough parking... big steupes... pressure! Even parking on the streets became a problem as it attracted the ATL PD. Demolition Crew... allyuh call TJJ please... we will help you guys market this thing! ;-) Other than that, the weather was great and the setting was ideal for evening!

The vides was sensational. DJ Tony Tempo, DJ Stephen, DJ Touches and DJ Jasper, are not only top rated DJ's in Atlanta but I'm sure wherever they go. The crowd did not miss a beat as the DJ's kept belting out every hit song in their crates. The party was on pure fire! And just when we felt the crowd was settling in the groove to ATL's best, the presence of one DJ... just electrified the venue without playing a single chune! In a way, he made the best DJ's play even better! Guess who....... tick tock.... Final Answer? Yes, you are right... Back to Basics (B2B) out of NY showed up! But..... yup... there's a BUT in there..... at 3am, just as B2B was loading his songs, there was a call from the cops for patrons to move their vehicles. What a bummer! And because we want to here de man play... the patrons obliged. An it still wasn't good enough. With that said, all we going to say is, up until 3am in de morning, Cooler Fete 2011 was de party of the year in ATL!

As for food, it was a bit difficult to get and the jerk chicken wasn't all that. However, the drinks were on point. After all, you had your own cooler with drinks! 

The service was exceptional because you served yourself whatever you wanted. And when you run out of ice or chaser... you could borrow from the cooler next door! Food service was a bit slow by the food booth and the bathroom lines... well... were bathroom lines. The only not so good thing on the evening was the parking... even leaving the event. But you guys going to call us to help you fix it right?

Ladies $20 and fellas $25 before midnight. The cost was not bad considering the numbers present. In these times, any cost is too much but the fact is, people need a stress relief at times... and the Annual Cooler Fete provided just that!

Overall, this was a good event. The entire yard, had a great time. The rhythm section that kept playing even after the music stopped, we love allyuh for dat! The Drummer from Grenada..... yuh is ah boss. Keep it up! DJ's... great job. Krista and the GCCDC crew, it was good seeing you guys there. Roger and Sammy... bless up!  The Demolition Crew has a great brand that they are continuing to build on and I'm sure we can help take them to the next level.

Joy Juice... Out and About

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