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Question. Who say Chameleon Saturdays in Coco Lounge tonight? You know what? I'm going to do like a Chameleon and blend in this one. Now this is an event thats happening every Saturday, so trust me, this won't be the last review you'll be hearing about. But, let's see how this night went shall we?

Well firstly, and i must comment the promoters on this one especially. To be greeted by the entrance of Coco Lounge by some lovely faces, always a plus. As I observed the outside area, seemed like your typical Saturday. People just relaxing outside, socializing, and enjoying "D Avenue" scenery. Not knowing that these people were actually taking a breather from the excitement that was going on inside.

Two words can easily describe inside; "RAM-PACK" Which honestly i found to be both a good thing, but also a bit of a downside. The good news is that the party was pumping and the attendance level was ontop of it's game which should always be mentioned at any event. The downside though is that eventhough the party was packed, the space seemed too limited. Who knows, in time the promoters may get a bigger venue seeing that they are getting the support.

Sexy ladies here, sexy ladies there, and ontop of that none of them were afraid to throw back a little waist or even smile for the cameras. Always a plus in my book. Hm, I wonder how would the next week be. After experiencing this kind of vibes I don't see this Chameleon Entertainment promotion going nowhere but up.

To all Dj's present who kept the party pumping, nuff respect. To all the sexy ladies that gave a smile and a wine on the side, nuff respect. To the Chameleon Entertainment family, keep up the parties and great work. Jokey Juice was at Chameleon Saturdays, and there's no doubt in my mind that they have the juice. Do you?

Jokey Juice

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