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Where do you find the hottest ladies, the sweetest music, and to top it off.... free drinks? I'll tell you, in your dreams! I'm just kidding. But I'll be honest, Outback was so good almost felt like a dream come true! Let's start from the top.

Now the Jokey One did not know up to the date of the event that there was actually a park in Valsayn, especially a park of that size because the amount of people present was simply astonishing. From the sexy promotion girls to the lovely Axe angels.... eye candy for days under the moonlight. To what I was observing, this park was situated in a more residential area. I was suprised the police didn't come and shut it down for loud music or for having too much vibes.

Wait, did I mention it was free drinks. Well now self the Jokey One was giddy. Sigh, the hard work of a TJJ-er. It's a hard job but someone's got to do it. Keeping the crowd moving were some top notch Dj's such as DJ Private Ryan and 5 star Satchy, just to name a few. All in all, they kept the party pumping with their selections of both old school and new in all genres of music. Hmmm, who say bess?!

Now we all know Jokey Juice like his belly, or for you ladies reading; his six pack. For us hungry people the promoters spared no expense by providing a little Bake n' Shark to help us sober up after a night partying and drinking. But wait, free doubles?! This has to be a dream. If it is, please don't wake me up. Axe girls, free drinks, and free doubles, this is the party. So far, this combination should have all promoters wondering "How do we top that?"

The TJJ family was pleased. Yes we were. To all promoters and TRIBE committee members, thank you for such a great night, and a full stomach of doubles. Where there's a TRIBE, there's a JUNGLE, which you know will bring the JUICE. They had it.... do you?

Jokey Juice

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