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If the launch was that good, what's the road gonna be like?

Who is Collision tho? I was a little foreign to the name at first but it's now stuck in my head after that cruise. The crowd typically Bajan, had a late start from the docks but on boarding the Pirate vessel, a shot ah Patron down ya throat got things started on the right foot, ARRRR!!!. Free drinks were in order as peeps surrounded the enclosed bar with a speedy and efficient service. No waiting around for drinks at all, then back out on deck to sip slow as we set off into the sunset.

Everyone was in the spirit of things right away due to the food (burgers, fish sticks etc.), atmosphere and drinks in hand. No real getting on right away but definite beating of drinks and smiles all around. Then it got dark...... and PURE action start !!! The Djs it seemed, were determined to play their entire track list, cuz tune play can't done, from Soca to Hip Hop and a sick ol' Dub session. Needless to say, the now slizzard crowd was DIBBING OUT! Down the west coast and back, everyone had a fantastic time from start till finish.

If this band has anything near that energy on the road this year, it's promised to be a good time. Collision... I'm there!

Nic B.

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>> View Collision Band Launch Cruise 2011 Gallery