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Let's start by the end for a change : IT WAS A BESSSSSSSSSS AND WEETTT  PARTY !!!
Ok ok okkkkk, let me calm down and have a deep breathe now because you need some explanations about what happened last Saturday 18th.
Two of the big Martinican promoters were celebrating their 3 years Anniversary in a nice villa and for the occasion, they called it MIAMI VICE !!! Well you already know what that means: TIME TO PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR in pure Miami Style !!!

Lots of people made it to the party, plenty sexy women, really mixed up ...who dey?...we all dey!
Enough sexy and well dressed women, bikinis out, smile on every face, some celebrities, what more to ask ? SIMPLY A GOOD JAM

The event took place in a villa of the south of Martinique. With a pool, some nice decorations and massive lights effects, it was a cool place to party.
The atmosphere was really hot, I don't know if it was because of the weather or the ambiance, but people was sweating and wet, some went to cool down in the pool, others stayed under the rain. It didn't rain a lot but it's always fun to party in those conditions.The accessibility was easy by car, the inside parking packed up really fast even though it was large, most of the people had to park outside which was a nice walk, too bad there wasn't a shuttle waiting for them.

The chunes were nothing else but MIAMI VICE AHHHHHHHHH ....exactly like you were on "Ocean Drive" (musically speaking..), the real talented Dj Klyne and Etan Carter gave us maddd music, some mix between international set and Caribbean flavors. The crowd got rellllllll on bad, splashing drinks all over, winning and jumping like crazy, women in the pool,... I think they must have put something in the drinks, yes VIBEESSS!

With two cash bars fully stock, the party-goers had the choice between their favorite liquors. Champagne and Vodka red bull were the stars of the night, Miami style I Guess :) Big up to all the crews who offered me a sip in their bottle, De Camel was in full action. Food was available too, with some paninis..., good to soak up your alcohol.

The service was excellent, nothing bad to say about it, from the bars to the smile of the waitresses to the service at your table, a clean and nice place, it was perfect ! Note : 10

It was a bess night with an excellent venue, plenty friends, good music, people who like to party and girls everywhere, after leaving the house at 6am, I only had fun fun memories in my mind, JOKER'S SMILE !

De Camel

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