5 Minutes With Courtney "Yogie" JohnOk folks, hear this ... TJJ really going the distance for you guys ... so listen up!! During the One Love Fest 2008 in Charlotte, NC on August 31st, 2008, We came across this smooth singing, long dreaded, soft spoken Rasta Reggae singer. And if allyuh don't know his music, well yuh better know him, de man is simply boss! Producing hits for Nelly Furtado, Beenie Man and Sizzla, Courtney "Yogie" John has a cool and tranquil way about him, whose personal style will sure to be around for years to come. JoyJuice here, sat down with Courtney John to find out a bit more about the earthy, cool man behind the dreads.

JoyJuice: Man, when you sing, you get into it! What was the song, "I Go Crazy" about?
Courtney John: (with a smile on his face) Well, it was for a friend ... full of meaning, but it would take more than 5 Minutes to explain!

JoyJuice: So who really pushed you into this music thing?
Courtney John: Boy, Granny Liv Liv ... who is still alive at 97 years!
JoyJuice: Ah bet she could still give yuh ah lickin'!
Courtney John: Yuh done know, is granny yuh know!

JoyJuice: Today, is she your biggest influence for continuing to sing?
Courtney John: Not since the birth of my son six years ago, everything is for him right now man. I'm living my life for him right now.

JoyJuice: Nice man, really nice. Tell me something, what is it like opening up for Beres Hammond?
Courtney John: Man, it's like you're in school. It gives me a great opportunity. I can now take that platform and create my own stage when I perform.

JoyJuice: Okay, just before we wrap up, give me some fast answers here ... What is your favourite movie?
Courtney John: Shawshank Redemption, without a doubt!
JoyJuice: Favourite song?
Courtney John: That's ah tough one, pass!
JoyJuice: Favourite food?
Courtney John: Dat easy ... Raw Akki and Salad.
JoyJuice: Serious?
Courtney John: Yeah man, try it Rasta.

JoyJuice: Okay, so last question. When you get find the right woman and marry, which one of your songs will you sing for your wife?
Courtney John: (stoking his beard) Well, none of them. When I get married, I will write my wife her very own song.
JoyJuice: Yes man, I feel yuh! And look how yuh have all the Harmony House Singers blushing.
Courtney John: But is true man, she will deserve it to.

JoyJuice: Courtney, thanks ah million....much respect.
Courtney John: Yes man. Thanks to you for the support!!

Well people, so there you have it ... exclusively on TJJ. Thanks Courtney! And by the way, Courtney was on point with his performance at both the One Love Fest 2008 and Atlanta Reggae Fest 2k8! You can check him out on www.courtneyjohn.com. And as always, TJJ looking out for all yuh, so look out for all we!