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The TJJ crew attended the launch of Ipanema Restaurant and Lounge located at 12 Victoria Avenue Port of Spain. Media and other specially invited guests were blown away by the exquisite décor of the Victorian style property once owned by the Seigert family of Angostura fame and also the savory and sumptuous meals served on the night.

The Restaurant and Lounge whose name is inspired by the popular song ‘Girls from Ipanema” is operated by the Acquing family. This dynamic team made up of Executive Chef Yvan Acquing his mother Patricia and sister Alicia greeted guests took them through the one of a kind dining experience which Ipanema offers describing all their efforts in creating this truly unique establishment as a true “labour of love”

The family run restaurant specializes in churrasco (pronounced ‘shoe-RHAS-ko’) ps I still don’t know how to say it, but it is a unique type of grilling created by the Guachos of Brazil (the real gringo cowboys) in the 1600s whereby large pieces of skewered meat would be slowly roasted to perfection over bonafide pits. The dinner experience also entails meats being char grilled right before the eyes of patrons in the show kitchen on a chaurrasco grill. Lets jus say people for all the real meat mouths out there Ipanema is the place for you as they also offer an all you can eat serving where guests receive continuous table side service of cuts of freshly carved meats including beef, pork, chicken, lamb and sausage. For the non meat eaters there are also sea food and vegetables.

Now for all those who have been searching for somewhere you can have a great time relaxing, chilling in a premium and comfortable atmosphere away from all the noise and hustle and bustle of the Avenue and other places then Ipanema Lounge is the place for you. This spacious and awesomely designed cocktail lounge and outdoor deck offers patrons an alternative liming experience which you will truly enjoy. The cocktail lounge also offers afterwork specials on Fridays with other specials to come. The lounge is Very Impressive I must say myself. You all really need to check out this Ipanema Restaurant and Lounge.

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>> View Ipanema Restaurant and Lounge Media Launch Gallery