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Welcome to Cribs…Las Vegas Style!!!!!

Summer is here peeps and parties are in full swing. Guess who’s in NY to give you the scoop and capture the fun moments, yup it’s Pink Juice and I come to take advantage of allyuh in NY lol. So first stop we head to Cribs in Brooklyn.

As I entered the venue at the end of this dead end street, I didn’t know what I was in for. Greeted by two lovely ladies dressed in all black sexy little numbers, netted stockings and light up bow ties lol I saw the miniature sign “WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS”, I walked through the tunnel of fabric and the first thing I saw was a mini poker table and some slot machines. I forgot for just a moment I was actually coming to party and had to resist the temptation of those damn slot machines…

Reaching the main party area all I could see were women showing the crowd their moves on top of the stage, podiums and I think by far the most energetic of them all one on top of a HUGE truck. There were enlarged playing cards hanging from the streamers and at the side of the fences.

The crowd trickled in but by around 9/10ish the party was packed and ready to pump. It was nice to see all the faces and surprisingly I knew quite a few. It was a nice chill evening, I found it was very social, a lot of people were standing around talking and mingling among groups and then an hour before the party was to come to an end I saw a couple illegal wines and the crowd really enjoying the music.

The music was pumping, had a nice mixture of soca, reggae, dancehall and even one or two fist pumping tunes J If you felt hungry you had bake and shark, jerk chicken or corn soup to choose from. The bar kept the bottles and drinks flowing….Everyone seem enjoy the VIBES!

I heard the promoter Natalie always pulls a crowd and creates a nice vibe, this time was no different. Well done Natalie can’t wait for the next fete ;)

Pink Juice

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