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Private Ryan in London again ... Boom Boom!!!!

All the hype tonight was around this one man coming in direct from Trini to bring the best in Caribbean vibes to London with his DJ skills!!! Private Ryan is in London and anyone with ah carnival tabanca was down in Agenda to catch some of this year's soca, alongside some old school dub, some hip hop and even some dance tunes!!! Having never actually managed to attend a Dame du Show event, and with some big DJs in town... anticipation is not the word... Boom Boom!!!

Tonight's event is down in Agenda, a venue we are familiar with having been to many other events here in the city. Luckily getting there and parking is easy, a bit too easy actually... could it be the party empty ? surely not...hmmm... well fear not because maybe we weren't as fashionably late as we should have been as by midnight, Agenda was packed with people eager to get on bad with some Caribbean vibes. Now it's not all about Private Ryan, DJ Jairo was also in the building and rocked some great tunes to get us all down on the floor!!! Of course Dame du Show's sexy Cinde Rella represented for the Ladies as she showed us what a girl can do on the Decks!!!... BOOM!!!

One fabulous thing about Agenda is the long bar and plenty bar staff...so keep topping up your drinks because you never had to wait too long. Alcohol in hand and now the vibes are pumping and everyone was on the floor... no one was standing up... NO ONE!!! Now due to the fact everyone was on the floor... Agenda was a borderline sweatbox and some peeps really did need an extra helping of deodorant... lol... but that certainly didn't mash up anyone's fun!!! All of the DJs played great tunes, this was a proper bumcee workout tonight!!! Personally we know there were a few grumbles about not having as much 2011 soca as we needed to cure the bad case of carnival tabanca, but all in all the tunes were pumping and we certainly got a mixture of music, not just the standard tunes we hear over and over !!!

So big DJs in town with a selection of music...a long bar with a selection of drinks...what else do you need? ah yes... eye candy !!!! how could we forget...well when we walk in the party was described to me as a 'stones fest' ...LOL LOL... real man in the dance!!! As for eye candy .. hmmm... the jury is out on that one... check out the pics!!! but we think maybe some more sexy ladies are required to make the recipe complete!!! A big thanks to all the Dame du Show Ladies for the best hospitality and for continuing to mix it up with a bess selection of International DJs!!! All that's left to say is when is the next one ?????

Posh Juice

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