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Crescendo Lounge is a Restaurant by Day at goes to an upscale Night Life venue by evening. With a two part area, one to relax, sit and grab a drink and the other to dance the night away with another bar in the back. For having your first party, this is the place to go! Mod Squad came together and created 'Flavors' for their caribbean niche market who loves not only the island sounds of reggae, dancehall and soca but mixing it together with hip-hop, dance, pop, latin and more! Their idea sounds great, but getting the word out there is the key. Many people came out and supported but it wasn't enough. Creating a 'first' event is hard in itself but Mod Squad knows that this was a test and their next event will even be better.

All in all the night was good, DJs Mario, Eklipz & Guest Dj Fireburn put together some vybzn sounds to have the crowd pumpin. Let me tell you, there might not have been more than 50 people who showed up to the event, but everybody had a blast and cant wait for 'Flavors' to return even bigger!

Great venue choice, easy accesibility, free parking, good drink options and  friendly service/bar tenders.

Thank You Kevon, Colin, Rhonda & Lyndon for creating an event that is different from the next and I am looking forward to 'Flavors part Deux'.


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