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Back To Basics & East Coast Caribbean Events have teamed up for the production of Shine Breakfast Party DC and amicably hits its target via numerous DJs, Kerry D Drummer and hosted by Giselle D' Wassi One but where fails is in bringing that element of (insert your own opinion here); however, this production definitely made up in vibes ... Which is a shame, given the set-up’s juicy promise especially the flyer ... it is eye catching!

Shortly after Indigo we arrived at Ibiza Nightclub in Downtown Washington (spotting a great car park position as well ... Julie ... Big Up Yuhself ... Buju Sing about you ... Driver!!) and ideally we expected to see loads of people leaving due to the late hour of our attendance however, to our surpise it was well packed and people were still enjoying the musical geniuses on the ones and twos. Even the patrons on the streets were having a grand ol' jolly time socialising and observing people's outfits.

Hightailing it inside the event we did notice some scarce corners however not really something to shout at ... What we shall shout at is what we saw and what we were surprised to see:

    * Bottles of all sorts of varieties in people's hands as they dance the night away to sweet music in their ears;
    * One particular bathroom being shared by male and female patrons;
    * One man taking a constant jamming session from three and sometimes four ladies without fail ... could he handle it or what?;
    * Bake and Shark being served in the fete and if that is not your choice of tea you can have a fantastic cup of corn soup to sooth the nerves and make the veins pump more blood as you possibly go back on the dancefloor to gyrate;
    * I believe underwear is becoming obsolete in the 21st Century ... people just do not wear any underwear anymore ... especially the ladies ... I am not complaining ...;
    * Reggae, Dancehall, Soca ... the world of variety music spearheading the speakers and having them control the minds of the patrons; and finally
    * There was an unsurprisingly mass abundance of females and a greater ratio than to men ... again ... I am not complaining !!!

So far, so intriguing. But I do not know what it is about this party ... I have been told it is the best one out of all the Shines globally (mind you ... Shine Miami is one of my favourite parties)! I have been attempting to unlock the puzzle for some time now and maybe I never will but I can gladly tell you reader the following:

    * Patrons at Shine ALWAYS enjoy themselves even if it is too hot, too crowded or just unbearable - they always enjoy themselves;
    * I will like to call this party Alcoholics Anonymous because it is like just pure alcohol heaven in here ...; and finally
    * Everyone is in some state of Euphoria whether it is from the alcohol, the dancefloor movements, the mere fact of being out their house ... I do not know why ... but Euphoria IS the order of the Night (or in this case ... day)!!!!!

Shine DC - A memorable eye opener of a party that definitely does not frustrate more than it thrills - always worth squandering your money on an experience to remember!
Scorn Juice
... Everyday I Am Shufflin' ... Party Rocking In The House Tonight ...

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>> View Shine DC 2011 Gallery
>> View DC Carnival 2011 Coverage